Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two Week Survival

It's been a little over two week since Kyle and I said "I do." So far, so great! We had, what I thought, was a beautiful ceremony followed by a really fun reception. Needless to say, we were exhausted on Sunday.

Honeymoon in Cabo was unreal! The resort we stayed at was beautiful and HUGE! We spent several days walking around downtown Cabo and had such a fun time taking it all in. We almost got sucked into buying a time-share, but we resisted (due to the fact that newlyweds post-professional generally don't have expendable cash like that). Ohhh the thought of owning our own little piece of paradise...

Enjoy the pictures. They don't do the vacation justice.

Just landed in Cabo! So excited!
Waiting to get into our room, so we ate lunch on the balcony of one of the restaurants.
The "honeymon" bed :) A for effort people. P.S. It took forever to get those rocks off the bed.
We were so tired when we got there we took a little afternoon nap and ended sleeping til 10:30. This was before we had our almost midnight snack.
Walking to our room. We had to flag down strangers to take our pictures (very difficult).
The waves at our resort were HUGE! That's just the splash from the wave. The waves themselves were probably 20 feet or so. No swimming for us.
Yay Cabo!
Dinner at LaFrida. Gorgeous restaurant at the resort.
Pre-massage. For the sake of embarrassing Kyle, I won't post a picture of how good he looked after. I'm a sweet wife like that :)
Since we couldn't swim on the Pacific side where our resort was, we took a glass bottom boat out to Land's End and Lover's Beach for the day. Gorgeous!
Lover's Beach post-swim.
Relaxing at the Sky Pool. Our resort had six pools and this one was at the very top of the mountainside.
Sky Pool
We asked around for some good local restaurants. We wanted to be "authentic" haha. One of the employees recommended this little wonder. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!
Dinner at Misiones.
The day we decided to go deep sea fishing. Best of intentions. This was at 6:00 in the morning. Pre-sea sickness.
We had been on the boat about an hour and all of a sudden I had this unbelievable urge to yack. Gross, I know. So I sat in the back corner of the boat with my blue bucket (visible in picture below). The ONLY thing that wanted to take our bait was a little mahi mahi. And I caught it. But that's only because everyone felt bad for me. Looking good, I know.
Just chillin at the beach.
Before dinner at Pacifica, the adults-only sister resort next door to ours.
We were facing the beach. Very romantic.
They had asked us when we arrived if we were celebrating a special occasion. We just casually mentioned we were on our honeymoon, and this was the sweet little treat they brought us in addition to the dessert we had already ordered. Don't mind if I do!
The last day we were there, we ate out downtown again. LaGolandrino (I think that's how you spell it). If I remember right, this was one of the first restaurants in Cabo and used to be at trailer park. We couldn't even finish our meal. Three lobster tails already cut for us, what had to be close to a 10-oz filet, shrimp, and scallops. We were hurting. But it was soooo good. Kyle isn't a fan of shellfish, but he has started to eat more shrimp. We'll break him in slowly :)

We had such a good time, but were definitely glad to be home once we finally got back to Memphis. Thanks a million to Bruce and Ramona for such a memorable honeymoon! We are beyond grateful! And if you want to send us on anniversary trips, we wouldn't object :)

Now it's back to the grind of studying for boards. But not before another trip to the beach. Will post on that later...

Mrs. Courtney McShan (what????)


  1. Fabulous photos!!! You guys looks so cute and in love! Ahh, honeymoons.