Friday, July 23, 2010

I Did It!

Made a successful dinner that is. You laugh. But for me, big accomplishment. Literally no cooking skills. Bound to slice a finger if given anything sharper than a butter knife. Just trying to paint a picture here.

After crying over meatloaf last week (which by the way turned out my mom wrote the recipe wrong-not my fault), I think I may have redeemed myself. It's a good thing Kyle will eat ANYTHING and is sweet enough to tell me he likes what I make. He will tell you that he really does like it and would tell me if he didn't, so I would never make it again. But I don't quite believe him. I just believe that he is a wonderful husband that will do what he can to build up and encourage his wife. God love him.

Back to the meal. I impressed myself. And even though Kyle, said he liked it, I didn't really care about his opinion this time because I loved it! haha.

Over six months ago, Kayla, Julie, Lauren, and Kendall took me to a Pampered Chef party. I tried my hardest not to make eye contact with the sales rep in hopes that she wouldn't call on me to help prepare. No such luck. Anywho, I bought a 29 Minutes to Dinner cookbook in preparation for upcoming nuptials.

So two nights ago I made Shrimp Orzo Skillet. I swore to Kendall I wouldn't be posting pictures of my cooking, because let's be honest, it's not impressive. But just for the sake of others out there like me, there is hope!
All the ingredients. I am not posting the entire recipe, but it's really easy. Basically you just toss the shrimp in some coarse ground black pepper, salt, and sugar and then cook in skillet. Remove the shrimp from the skillet and add in the chicken broth, clam juice (which likes to hide in the grocery store), and orzo. Cook the orzo and then remove from heat and add in some butter and the frozen peas and some lemon juice. Top with thinly sliced mint and some lemon zest before serving.
Glass of white with seafood. Yum.

Kyle said he liked it but he's such a meat-and-potatoes kinda guy that I think he could have done without the mint and lemon zest. I, however, LOVED it!

Proud of me? Good, because I am proud of me too! :)


  1. You will learn as you go. Joey had to eat his fair share of AWFUL dinners, just so he would not hurt my feelings...and then suggest ice cream for dessert. ha! Please post that recipe, it sounds yummy! How is studying going?

  2. Looks yummy! You can cook that for me anytime! : ) Love you!

  3. Ok, I'm REALLY impressed! Especially since I've never cooked with clam juice. You're teaching me stuff! Awesome :)

  4. Kristin- studying blows..just a little bit longer though

    Leash- anytime!

    Kendall- i didn't even know clam juice was sold in a bottle until i googled where to find it in a grocery store haha...

  5. Well done! Glad you posted this and I had my share of exciting/ terrifying cooking this weekend as well! (Post on my blog..terrible, awful, sad, attempt at being a domestic goddess..) We live and we learn though right? ;)

  6. looks great...where is your facebook profile?? I don't even have a new email address for you! I can't see the wedding pics and have no idea what all those updates are or where to go to do them.