Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work Group Outing #2

This month was my month at work to plan the group outing. So what did we do???


Val, Candice, Me, and Phyllis
Group Shot
Me and the hubs...
Best part...Tigers pulled out a win!

A Reason to Post

You can call me a slacker. In every sense of the word.

Nothing to exciting has been going on in the McShan household lately. Until last Friday that is...

Kyle had been out of town interviewing in Franklin and since I didn't think he would be back until late, I went to dinner with my mom and Mike.

I had a tragic shopping experience with Mom after dinner. You know the kind where EVERYTHING makes you look fat, and then you realize it's not the clothes, its you! Ladies, I know you feel me...

So while I am wallowing in self-pity on the couch later that night, Kyle gets home from Franklin and comes in to greet me. He then says, "I'll be right back, I have to get all my stuff out of the car." Not thinking anything about the fact that he only drove for the day and had no "stuff" to get out of the car, I continued to keep my attention on the tv and try to erase the frustrating shopping session out of my mind. Turns out Kyle's "stuff" was this sweet thing below....

Meet Jake Hunter McShan. Our almost 10-week old English Setter. We love him. Even though he pees nine thousand times throughout the day, barks loudly throughout the night, and chews on everything but his toys!

But he has learned how to go in and out of the doggy door at our house, sit on command, and give his mom and dad lots of puppy kisses!

We are headed to the vet Saturday for puppy shots...I'm sure to cry.

If anyone has any good puppy tips for me from toys to crate training to health stuff, please please please let me know!