Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28's Looking Good

I had about a week's worth birthday celebration a few weeks ago. It was wonderful! It being my first birthday in a new town, I was worried it wouldn't feel as special. Birthdays are a big deal to me. It feels good to make others feel special on the day they were born! Our kiddos will ALWAYS know how important their lives are to us by making a big deal about birthdays. I don't mean huge extravagant parties, just extra special touches to the day. A typical birthday for me would involve sweet cards from family and friends and a birthday dinner of my choice from Mom and Mike. 

There was no difference this year :) (except Mom and Mike weren't here...)

The Saturday before my birthday, I met up with some friends of mine here in Crossville for a girls' night out, aka my surprise birthday dinner! One of my biggest fears in moving from Memphis was finding good friends. The Lord has totally provided and been faithful in prayers for genuine friendship here. 

The Monday after, my sweet in-laws treated everyone to a dinner at Ruth's Chris. One of my favorites! Creme brulee? Yes, please!!!


(only picture i have from ruth's chris)

The next night, Tuesday, Kyle told me to be ready to leave around 5:30 and that Emily, one of our babysitters, was coming to keep the babies. I was running late and hurrying around to get all the twins' stuff laid out for the night. I was getting frustrated at Kyle, because he was just hanging out not helping me. And then the door bell rang, and I heard lots of giggling coming from the hallway. I walked out of the nursery, and saw three of my favorite young women dressed way too cute to be babysitting. After a "surprise!!!", I realized Kyle and I weren't going anywhere, and I was headed out with the girls! We had a yummy dinner at Crawdaddy's followed by good discussion over Starbuck's. 


{take a guess how long this lasted...}


{we did work}


{cemre, me, lacey, and emily - God is doing big things in each of their lives and i am so excited just to be able to witness it. these three young women love my babies and i am so grateful for their servant hearts.}

When I got home from dinner, I had a note on my pillow from Kyle to pack my bag that we were leaving for Atlanta in the morning. We haven't been to Atlanta since we first started dating, so I was pretty excited! But having to leave the babies unexpectedly is never easy. (But honey, I really was excited!)


{turner field}


{ready to chop}


{waiting on the rain to pass...}


{it wasn't looking good}


{they finally said "play ball" and so after some sprinkling, the skies parted and we enjoyed a wonderful night of baseball}


{our seats were awesome!}

Thank you everyone for making my birthday such a wonderful celebration! I haven't felt so special in a while, and I am so grateful for all the love!