Monday, May 23, 2011

El Salvador Update

Sorry, it has been a little while since I have updated everyone on the status of my trip. Here's the latest:

1. I HAVE RAISED ALL MY SUPPORT!!!! I am telling yall, prayer is powerful! To have raised over $2,000 in less than two months is only possible by the grace of God and him stirring the hearts of those who love Him. I must give a big, big thank you to those who have supported me both financially and prayerfully! I would not be leaving in four days without you! Please continue to pray for the trip: for safety, for travel ease through customs (we have lots o' meds going with us), and for the hearts of the people of the nation to hear and receive the Word.

2. My passport came in just fine! Though it cost me a little money, they held true to their word and expedited it rather quickly. If anyone needs a travel document quickly, I highly recommend using Super polite to work with (especially when I was calling everyday to check on the status).

3. I have collected a good bit of items to take down with me for PT. I have lots of braces, theraband, and crutches. This is all thanks to my awesome co-workers around the Memphis area who cleaned out their clinics for me! If anyone has any wheelchairs, canes, walkers, etc they are wanting to get rid of, let me know!

4. I have not been feeling well the past few days, so some prayers for rest and healing would be appreciated. This trip is physically taxing on the PTs as we are having to perform therapy and treatment on army-like cots. I need all the strength I can get!

I think that it mostly it for now....

However, just to boast a little (which I know is horrible)...This girl managed to pack for eight days, everything I need into a carry on suitcase and a backpack. I'll prove it in pictures next post!

I leave early Saturday morning and plan on updating the blog while I am down there if time permits.

Thank you again to everyone who made a donation. I do not deserve the love and support of incredible friends and family that you all have shown me!

Graduation Weekend

This past weekend, the day finally came... My little brother graduated from high school. Tear.

I could not be more proud of him. First for graduating. Second for him heading to MISSISSIPPI STATE in August! GO BULLDOGS!

I took pictures with my mom's camera, and Kyle had mine. I'll post more once I get her pictures from her...

{the long awaited walk}


{celebrating with friends}

{mirrors at bellevue}

{brother with our grandmother-all other family pictures are on the other camera :(}

Saturday, my mom threw a little luncheon for my brother and our family and close friends stopped by for a few hours. Included in that group was one of my best friends Kati with Patrick and Abbigail. Abbigail and I had a little photo shoot.

I mean, does it get any cuter??? Aunt Courtney loves her little Abbi...

Update on El Salvador trip coming later this week. I leave in 4 days!!!!!!

Birthdays, Baccalaureates, and Baptisms

Two weekends ago was a busy weekend. As was this past weekend. Post on this past one to come after.

The 14th was my mom's 50th birthday. We surprised her with a dinner party at Ruth's Chris. It was a wonderful night filled with lots of laughs, good food and drinks, and wonderful company.

{kyle and i before dinner}

{dinner table full of gifts and looming cloud of black balloons}


{in shock}

{gag gift granny panties...too funny!}

{excited to blow out her birthday candles}

{the fam: mccarty's and mcshan's}

The next was my little brother's baccalaureate service in preparation for his high school graduation. Scary thought...

It was held at Grace Evan in Germantown and was a beautiful service.

{the graduate-to-be}

{to take a picture with him is like pulling teeth, he hates it}

{proud parents}

Later that afternoon (after the Grizzlies ended their playoff run), I headed to watch several friends be baptized. What an incredible thing to witness!

{the baptism-ees}





{katie and her husband brooks baptizing her-talk about tear-jerker}

{my sweet friend lee and i}

{washed by the water}

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Grizz Win!


Only series to make it to game 7 so far....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What A Week...

This has been one of those looooooong weeks that by Tuesday you were wishing it were Friday!

Our computers were down at work for two days, and as silly as it sounds, we literally cannot do any work other than work on our patients when that happens. So we spent many hours catching up on our documentation. Makes for one tired and not so happy physical therapist.

I spent last week staying at Mom and Mike's to keep my little brother while they were away on a trip. Thursday morning, Kyle called me to let me know that Jake, our 5-month old English setter, had a new friend...

This sweet little face wandered up to our front door with no collar or tag:

I have posted signs throughout our neighborhood and called the humane society, but no one has claimed her yet. We are sure what type of dog she is, but it looks like she has somewhat of a beagle and terrier type face and huge paws. She is little right now but I have a feeling she is going to be a sturdy girl!

If anyone in the High Point area is looking for a lost pup, let me know. We also are not planning on keeping her, BUT I am not very keen on the thought of dropping her at a shelter. She is too pretty and sweet for that. I haven't named her for fear of attachment, so I have been calling her "little girl" and she is beginning to respond to it, which does not help at all with my heart melting over her.

Saturday morning, I was incredibly productive! All laundry and bills paid before noon! Rather impressed with myself :) I did not even attempt to clean with two puppies running around...

Saturday afternoon, my brother, Kyle, and I headed to Round 2 Game 3 of the playoffs. I am so proud of the Grizz and so grateful that we have been able to attend most of the playoff games. It's exciting to see the team work together for a common goal!

The stadium was a white-out with yellow "growl-towels."

And after a 15 point deficit, the Grizz came back in overtime to clench Game 3!

After the game we saw Westbrook (a player for OKC Thunder) who denied my little brother an autograph. Not cool.

My brother was able to get an autograph and a very blurry picture (by way of my husband) from one of the other players. I have no idea who it was.

And then on our way home from the game, Marc Gasol pulled up next to us and we (and by we, I mean Kyle and my brother-I was too star struck I think) chatted with him. He had a very pretty girl in the seat next to him. Of course, right... I kindly let him pull in front of us and then in true creeper mode, I snapped a picture of his ride...

And now today we celebrate Mother's Day. With Kyle's parents in East Tennessee and my mom away on a trip, it's just the two of us. And our two kiddos, I mean pups...

Though we both desire to be parents one day, Jake is our little one for now. And with Kyle's help, he gifted me with this sweet and funny mother's day card.

He signed it and all!

I love some encouragement :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! What a blessing it is to be given the responsibility of stewarding a child's life well. I pray that God will bless me in the same way some day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Delivery from God via FedEx

Praise God!!! One prayer answered, several continuing to be answered! More detailed update on preparation for El Salvador to come later today...

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