Thursday, April 28, 2011

El Salvador Update

Exactly one month until I leave for El Salvador!!!

To keep everyone posted on the progress in fundraising for El Salvador, here's a quick little update...

*I spoke with the company who is expediting my passport...Apparently, it took a whole week for my packet to get there. They told me that 10 days from this past Monday, it should be ready. So we are looking at them sending my passport back to be on Thursday. Please pray that this would happen, and happen quickly.

*So far, as I know of, I have only been able to raise $350, which I am so grateful for! My airfare is booked, $970, and my balance left that I owe to GHO (Global Health Outreach) is $1200. For a grand total of $2170 left to cover. If you or anyone you know would like to bless me with a financial donation that will only bless others, please email me at to learn how.

*I think the trip is still in need of some dentists, a pharmacist, and possibly a few doctors. If any of you professionals out there are interested in a last minute mission trip, let me know! I trust that God is providing the means for me to go, and He will for you too if He is leading you to go.

And just a little more info on the trip:

We expect to see 2000-2500 people that week with a team of approximately 30 physicians, dentists, eye doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, and students. Our chief goal however, is not just to be the hands and feet of Christ in relieving suffering and bringing physical healing. We also want to bring spiritual healing by introducing hundreds of people to a new life in Christ Jesus! We will be working closely with a very evangelistic local church ministry to bring the gospel to thousands!

Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have concerning the trip, how to in
vest financially or prayerfully, or anything else!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

One more thing...

We were on tv! As I was texting friend Kayla on where to look for us, just in case.. She saw us! As I was texting her haha... At least I wasn't doing something gross like picking my nose :)

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If you have read this blog at all, you know and understand my love for the Grizzlies. Since moving to Memphis from Vancouver, the Grizzlies have not experienced a playoff win. In franchise history.

Last Sunday, they changed all this after winning Game 1 against the Spurs. They lost Game 2 while playing in San Antonio. But I had a pretty good feeling that once they were back home, Game 3 would solidify a nice win.

We are very lucky that we are able to go to games and other events in my stepdad's company's box. Spoiled is probably a better word.

Tonight was a PERFECT night!!!! Here are some pictures in preparation of the game and in celebration of a Game 3 WIN!!!!!!!

{self timer action in our living room, pregame}

{more self timer action}

{my man Rudy on the playoff tickets. sadly he isn't playing due to a separated shoulder}

{chairbacks adorned with growl towels}

{jerry "the king" lawler in his grizz gear-totally unnecessary}

{sweet little 7 year old st. jude patient sang the national anthem-so sweet}

{grizz win!}

{memphis believes}

{the mcshans believe}

And below is a little video of the last 30 seconds or so of the game...Everyone went nuts, including me. I now have a deeper voice than my husband due to all the yelling I did.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basketball, Steaks, and Salsa

I have been a horrible blogger when it comes to keeping up with our weekend activities.

Here's a recap:

Two Fridays ago we went to the Grizzlies game with one of Kyle's co-workers, Eric, and his wife and sister. Eric was being recognized at the game for his service in the army. We had a blast at the game and I was glad to have Eric there who yelled almost as much as I did :)

{Zach and Tony}

{Eric on the Jumbotron waving}

{Eric of the Jumbotron throwing deuces}

{Eric on the Jumbotron shaking Grizz's hand}

{Tony getting everyone pumped up}

{Zach Randolph}

{Did I mention we sat like three rows back? Heaven...}

{Eric and the Grizz girls}

This past Saturday night was our monthly work group outing. It was Val's, my boss, turn. She has danced ballroom for years, even taught for some as well. She and her fiance (she got engaged two weeks ago!!!!) love to dance salsa and spend many weekends downtown at the Rumba Room. We had a wonderful dinner at the Butcher Shop downtown and then put on our dancing shoes.

{The Women of Physio-Wolfchase}

{The entire group}

{Juan giving Candice some pointers-which she didn't need. She did great!}

{Phyllis' turn!}

{Candice and her date, Mark, dancing the night away}

{Me and Val}

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Los Compadres With Our Compadres

This past week has been a long one for the McShans. So it was a wonderful end to a rough week to get to spend some time with friends. Last night, we had dinner with the Siscos, the Trammells, and the Puryears. Every minute spent together is full of laughs! After stuffing ourselves full of Mexican at Los Compadres, we stuffed ourselves some more with Sweet CeCe's. It's just like one of the other many yogurt places popping up all over the place. And it was just as yummy!

{the husbands-the boys matched the colors at sweet cece's}

{the wives (one looking particularly tired second from left)- we matched each other}

All pictures stolen from Kayla :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Return to El Salvador

Friends, family, and whoever else may read this blog...

After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to head back to El Salvador for a week-long medical and dental trip (and physical therapy, nursing, optometry, and pharmacy).

For those of you who know me, you know that two years ago this trip changed my life. It was there that I met my wonderful, godly husband and that I first heard about Downline, a 9-month disciple-making training program (which Kyle and I are close to completing).

The trip is scheduled for May 28 through June 5. Yes, I have pushed the limit on time. And that's where you guys come in....

I would greatly appreciate prayers and support as you are able to provide. The trip is going to cost somewhere close to $2,300. With student loans and new careers, I am unable to fully pay for the trip. If you could join me in prayer for the following as I quickly prepare for this trip, I would be greatly appreciative, more than words could express:
  • That my passport renewal would be processed quickly and that I would receive it well in advance of leaving for the trip
  • That God would bless others with the financial means to support and bless me as I can bless others through their gifts
  • That God would prepare the hearts of the people of Santa Ana,El Salvador to hear and receive the Good News
  • That logistically, God would prepare the way for a smooth entry and effective week of providing solid medical care and spiritual impact
I believe in the power of prayer. And I trust that the Lord will supply the provisions needed to carry His word and love to El Salvador.

If you or anyone you know would like to contribute financially, please email me at to learn how. And prayers are just as important and just as appreciated as financial support!

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from my first trip to El Salvador...

{marcos and i-pastor mauricio's grandson}

{doing some PT with the help of the amazing betsy}

{laura and i with one of our patients-he looooved to play soccer}

{this lady was close to 100, heart of a child}

{this guy had a tough time with Guillian-Barre and had some residual paralysis}

{we were able to take up an offering to purchase him a new wheelchair}

{me with sweet kevin and his grandmother, eliza}

{could not and did not want to let go of that sweet face}

{this sweet angel had many developmental delays. broke my heart. but he would just look at you with the most loving, trusting eyes. I'm sure I cried myself to sleep in prayer that night.}

{no caption necessary}

{before checking out of the clinic and going to the pharmacy, he patient meets with a counselor to discuss their spiritual health}

{and last but not least, where I got to see this man serve others so humbly. yet little did I know that God was showing me the heart of my future husband- and p.s., he never looks more attractive than he does when he is working for the Lord}

Sweet dreams to you all and thank you for supporting me and the call to minister to others that God has placed on my heart!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Doesn't this make you want to do just that....

Yep, that's pollen! 2 garbage bags full! Bring on the Claritin...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Weekends Worth

These past 2 weeks have been looooooong....

Just to catch you up:

Two weekends ago, Kyle and I headed down to the Gulf Coast for Katie and Clay's wedding. It was a nice little getaway. Warm weather, sunshine, and great company!

We stayed at Kyle's cousin's house with her and her husband. Saturday morning, we ate breakfast in Ocean Springs at a cute little restaurant called The Bayview Gourmet. Oh my word... AMAZING food!

Please excuse the paleness...

After breakfast, Brett and Jessica took us around the Gulfport area, and we stopped by the Friendship Oak. The biggest oak tree I have ever seen. The branches grew down into the ground and back up again. Would have made the BEST climbing tree, except there were multiple signs saying absolutely no climbing!

We then went to check out their new boat. Kyle pretending to be captain...

Then onto the wedding festivities!

Mr. and Mrs. Sanders' first dance!

Me and my little, Meg

My groom

Me and Kimberly..Everyone looks so healthy and tan. I have sworn off the tanning bed. Although I have almost given in to the urge to go back multiple times...I'm slowly improving self-control!

The incoming storm offered us a lovely windblown look...Me, Meg, Suz, and Amber.

My best. Always.

The little sister I never had. Emma Anne.

This Bulldog cake was awesome! That was until Nathan decapitated him. Those Rebel fans...

And last but not least, the beautiful bride!

Get it Clay!

We packed it up again last weekend and headed east this time. We had some appointments with some dentists on Friday, and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing in Crossville. The weather was gorgeous. Jake had an absolute blast running around on the McShans 11 acres.


Running through the grass

He loves his momma

Watching the birds

Our sweet little family