Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basketball, Steaks, and Salsa

I have been a horrible blogger when it comes to keeping up with our weekend activities.

Here's a recap:

Two Fridays ago we went to the Grizzlies game with one of Kyle's co-workers, Eric, and his wife and sister. Eric was being recognized at the game for his service in the army. We had a blast at the game and I was glad to have Eric there who yelled almost as much as I did :)

{Zach and Tony}

{Eric on the Jumbotron waving}

{Eric of the Jumbotron throwing deuces}

{Eric on the Jumbotron shaking Grizz's hand}

{Tony getting everyone pumped up}

{Zach Randolph}

{Did I mention we sat like three rows back? Heaven...}

{Eric and the Grizz girls}

This past Saturday night was our monthly work group outing. It was Val's, my boss, turn. She has danced ballroom for years, even taught for some as well. She and her fiance (she got engaged two weeks ago!!!!) love to dance salsa and spend many weekends downtown at the Rumba Room. We had a wonderful dinner at the Butcher Shop downtown and then put on our dancing shoes.

{The Women of Physio-Wolfchase}

{The entire group}

{Juan giving Candice some pointers-which she didn't need. She did great!}

{Phyllis' turn!}

{Candice and her date, Mark, dancing the night away}

{Me and Val}

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