Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Weekends Worth

These past 2 weeks have been looooooong....

Just to catch you up:

Two weekends ago, Kyle and I headed down to the Gulf Coast for Katie and Clay's wedding. It was a nice little getaway. Warm weather, sunshine, and great company!

We stayed at Kyle's cousin's house with her and her husband. Saturday morning, we ate breakfast in Ocean Springs at a cute little restaurant called The Bayview Gourmet. Oh my word... AMAZING food!

Please excuse the paleness...

After breakfast, Brett and Jessica took us around the Gulfport area, and we stopped by the Friendship Oak. The biggest oak tree I have ever seen. The branches grew down into the ground and back up again. Would have made the BEST climbing tree, except there were multiple signs saying absolutely no climbing!

We then went to check out their new boat. Kyle pretending to be captain...

Then onto the wedding festivities!

Mr. and Mrs. Sanders' first dance!

Me and my little, Meg

My groom

Me and Kimberly..Everyone looks so healthy and tan. I have sworn off the tanning bed. Although I have almost given in to the urge to go back multiple times...I'm slowly improving self-control!

The incoming storm offered us a lovely windblown look...Me, Meg, Suz, and Amber.

My best. Always.

The little sister I never had. Emma Anne.

This Bulldog cake was awesome! That was until Nathan decapitated him. Those Rebel fans...

And last but not least, the beautiful bride!

Get it Clay!

We packed it up again last weekend and headed east this time. We had some appointments with some dentists on Friday, and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing in Crossville. The weather was gorgeous. Jake had an absolute blast running around on the McShans 11 acres.


Running through the grass

He loves his momma

Watching the birds

Our sweet little family

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