Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Months Letter

James and Mattie Rose,

I know every mama says this as every month goes by, but seriously, where is the time going? I looked over at both of you this morning, while you were going to town in your jumperoos, and you just looked so big to me! Definitely not the 5 pound little nuggets I brought home from the hospital. 

You are getting close to waking up from your nap, so I will try to make this quick! These past five months have been like nothing I could have ever imagined. Even if someone had told me this was exactly what it was going to be like, I still don't think it would have made a difference. You two have brought so much joy into my life in just the simplest of ways. You can do nothing but fall asleep in my arms watching Chuggington, and I can't help but smile and sometimes be moved to tears. You will read this one day and think "how silly, Mom." But should God so please to bless you with children one day, you will totally understand! At only 5 months old, it is neat to see how God has "fearfully and wonderfully" made both of you, so intentionally and distinctly! There are very few similarities between the two of you, except for you both LOVE to eat and LOVE to laugh. Mommy has never felt so funny before now! :) 

James, you are probably one of the sweetest, most loving babies on the face of the planet. You love to snuggle and giving and receiving kisses is a favorite of yours! I think you are going to be my sensitive little boy who cares so much for others. That smile that is on your face when you wake up from the night or a nap just does wonders for my soul. You love to jump in your jumperoo, laugh at Jake-dog, and carry on a conversation with anyone who will talk back to you. I love how when you are upset or tired you will just keep real close to my neck as I hold you. It makes me feel important. You love it when I pretend you have stinky feet and make a big deal out of it. This cracks you up and hearing that belly laugh of yours makes me crack up too! What you don't think is funny is a wet diaper. You HATE this... And you let mommy know all about it :) But that's okay, that's my job. You wear your emotions on your face just like your mommy (be careful, this can get you in trouble one day) and those eyebrows make each expression a comedy routine! I love you sweet little man and pray God has big things in store for you as you grow!

Mattie Rose, my little firecracker! You are a trip little girl! You are completely your mother's daughter. You like things a very specific way, and when you want something done, you want it done right then and there! I'll be praying the Lord would provide many opportunities for us to practice patience together :) Here lately, you're fussiness has calmed down and we have been able to call you "Squeaks" again. You love to talk, and when you get really excited, you let out this high-pitched, glass-breaking squeal! It gets me every time... You are an emotional extremist, there is no middle ground with you. You are either incredibly happy or just down-right-mad! You are 12 pounds of intensity. When you play with your favorite red ball and links, you become so focused on the task at hand. You carefully examine anything you lock eyes with. And once it's grabbed your attention, God forbid anyone take it away. You also are very loving. Any time you are lying next to James you immediately reach over for him, just to make sure he is there and to grab his hand. I hope and pray this need for each other grows as you two do! Squeaks, I love you very much and pray that I continue to grow in my walk with the Lord so that as you get older and we walk through life together, you don't have to go searching for a godly woman to look up to. That she'll be just down the hall. 

And because you both are now letting me know nap time is over, I don't have time to rearrange your pictures from our little morning photo shoot...

{giggling little girl}

{being sassy}

{this was from the end - you were both over it}

{baby james}

{sweet little man}

{could eat you up buddy}

{awww mom, you don't have to tell me i'm your favorite :) }

{there's that intensity}

{you get it all from your mama}

{love you}

{older sister, little sister. younger brother, big brother.}

{this is your reaction to "shooooweee, stinky feet!"}

{you love your quilt}

{there's those eyebrows}

{you know exactly where each other is at all times}

{tired babies}

{you are definitely morning people}

{those eyebrows!}

{"i'm not sure what i'm supposed to be doing..."}

{ugh. that sweet face. it will get you whatever your want :) }

Memphis Visit

Only two weeks after moving to Crossville, I couldn't help but head back to Memphis! Ha! I know, I know...I'm a baby. But trust me, there were valid reasons for the escape visit. :) Two weekends ago, I attended the women's conference put on by Downline Ministries. In case you didn't know, Kyle and I went through the Downline Institute our first year of marriage, and it was INCREDIBLE! Click their link to find out more! Your life will never be the same! Moving on (I could rave about Downline all day).... Then, last weekend was the Race for the Cure. Mom is now more than four years cancer-free, and we have no one to thank but our Ultimate Physician, Christ!

In between the two, the week was full of doctor's appointments, hair appointments, and visits with friends and family! I am too lazy to caption each picture today and fearful that the babies nap is about to be over, so just enjoy some pictures of my sweet niece Abbi (who is expecting baby sister Harper Claire in January whoop whoop!), boys only bath time with my growing-by-the-minute godson Declan, and sweet loving from Aunt Jennie. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! And although I feel like I am saying this all the time now, I'll say it again...CAN Y'ALL BELIEVE OCTOBER IS OVER????

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4, errr 4 3/4, Months Update

Monday afternoon, the babies had their 4 month check-up with the oh-so-wonderful Dr. Hanson at Laurelwood Pediatrics. Mommies or mommies-to-be in the Memphis area, if you are looking for a new pediatrician I HIGHLY recommend him! He is fantastic! As a healthcare professional myself, knowledge and clinical skills are incredibly important to me, but as a mother, loving my children is just as important. This sweet man walks in and immediately reaches for the twins! And they love him! He will sit with you as long as you need and doesn't get irritated when I pull out my phone to check my laundry list of ridiculous questions! And when he says the twins look great, he will look over at you and say, "Great job, Mom." Which obviously is a nice bit of validation!

Enjoy a few pictures before I give you their stats!

{a little tummy time while we wait for the doc. these kids love mirrors.}

{james and his funny faces}

{mattie rose has a few of her own as well}

{their two favorite toys, links and those red balls}

{mattie rose is enthralled by her toes these days}

{mom was unable to go with me, so madalyn, my dear friend a mother-in-the-faith to me, met us there. so grateful for her, because it is so difficult to console two babies at the same time.}

So here is where we stand one week before our 5 month birthday:

     *Mattie Rose: 24 inches - 29th percentile
     *James: 25.25 inches - 52nd percentile

     *Mattie Rose: 12 pounds 2.5 ounces - 10th percentile
     *James: 13 pounds 14 ounces - 18th percentile

Head Circumference:
     *Mattie Rose: 40 centimeters - 21st percentile
     *James: 41 centimeters - 18th percentile

So per Dr. Hanson's words, according to the growth charts they are little babies with big ole heads! :) He said they look fantastic and was quite impressed with their development for being twins and a few weeks early at that! I am one. proud. mama.

After their two months shots, they seemed to do just fine. They were a little fussy, but no fever. They did not tolerate this round quite as well. Yesterday may have been the hardest day I have had in about three months. They were both running fever all day, despite my rigid 4-hour Tylenol dosing. And both wanted to be held all day. Now, for some more comic relief, please picture what this might have looked like while I had a follow up OB appointment in the middle of the day! Ay yi yi!

Needless to say, after bath time last night, mommy was right behind the babies in going to bed. I have no shame in telling you that my eyes were shut by 8:00!

This morning, though, we woke up with smiles on our faces and no fever! Praise God. Seriously. I put my head down last night telling Him, "I cannot do this without you." He totally met me in my need yesterday, as He does everyday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

Our first Friday in Crossville, we wasted no time having fun with some friends! We headed a little further east to Kingston to meet up with the Siscos before going to the Knoxville zoo for Boo at the Zoo. It was the first time James and Mattie Rose were able to wear their Halloween costumes!

{cutest little tiger i've ever seen}

{and cutest little giraffe too}

{kyle said they looked miserable, like ralphy in the bunny suit on a christmas story. i thought they looked precious.}

{family photo op on the siscos front porch}


{just can't get enough of her}

{hey mom}

{pretty girl}

{family photo op at boo at the zoo}

{clark kent and his mommy and daddy}

{i'm still trying to figure out what animals these masks are}

{manly men}

{asher couldn't keep his hands off her... daddy better look out!}

{my favorite little guy}

The next day Kyle and I were in search of a pumpkin patch to take some pictures of the babies in their festive gear, but guess what? THERE ARE NO PUMPKIN PATCHES IN CROSSVILLE!!!!! I was heart broken. No cute set-ups for cute pictures. No mums. No hay bales. No scarecrows. That definitely did not help the adjustment to a new town! :) So we opted for the in-laws house and a little set-up at the local bank. 

{loves her mama}

{james' outfit is huge but i love this picture}

{he hated the hay}

{melt my heart}

{this was the best we could get. sweet man was sooo sleepy}

These next two pictures crack me up!!! Apparently my children have Elvis lips and they are totally apparent in these pictures...

I really hope those two made someone laugh because I was rolling on the floor when I went back through my camera.

Still trying to catch up on posts...More to come!