Sunday, October 21, 2012

Phi Mu's 50th Anniversary

This is the first of many catch-up posts. Since our move, we have been without internet for three weeks. I am back in Memphis this week staying at my mom's so now it's time to get back to blogging which has completely taken a backseat. To everything!

The weekend before we moved, my friend Lauren Springer and I headed down to Starkville to celebrate Phi Mu's 50th Anniversary since colonizing on Mississippi State's campus! I had not been to Starkville in almost three years, and it was wonderful to enjoy some favorite spots while down there. Dinner on Bin612's patio, lunch at Mugshots, breakfast at City Bagel, and a stop at the Lodge for all things Mississippi State. 

My four years at State would have been radically different had Phi Mu not been an integral part of them. This is where I met my best friends, learned what commitment to service really looked like, and where the Lord got ahold of me tight during my senior year and really began some redemptive work...

This was my home. Literally. For four years. I lived in this house, nowhere else. 

I could go on and on about it all, but you would be bored to death and pictures are way more fun to look at than text. 

{the phi mu house. though the smallest house on the row probably, that's what i loved about it. it felt like a home.}

{bree, springer, and me at brunch at the house}

{big news was revealed at the brunch. the girls are getting a new house! while it makes me so sad to know that i won't be able to walk through the doors of the house i lived in, i am so excited for the current members to have a home that fits their needs and growing number!}

{so we went on a little house tour and got a little creepy taking pictures of the rooms. but these girls are adorable and their rooms are just as cute}

{i thought this was neat. our mascot is a lion, "sir fidel." here he is painted on top of our creed.}

{another cute room}

{my favorite! i would seriously pay these two to come decorate my house. this was absolutely precious!}

{this is totally pinterest-worthy. this is one of the girls' bucket lists. how creative!}

Now time to embarrass some of my friends! And myself...with old composite pictures!

{one of my bff's alicia. she and i were each other's maids of honor and i am the proud godmama to her sweet little man declan!}

{springer and i didn't realize we were right next to her in our freshman composite picture! coincidence? i think not...}

{hey suzie q! loving that halter top girl! :) }

{my sophomore composite picture}

{my little sis meg. love her. and her pearls and curls.}

{junior composite picture}

{senior composite picture}

{old zap photos from the 80s. zap is the company responsible for capturing the good, bad, and ugly at all greek social functions. the photographers don't have names, everyone just yells "hey zap!" at them to get their picture taken.}

{the living room of the phi mu house. it has been redecorated since we've left, and i love it! so calm and relaxing. much needed in a house full of women :) }

{another shot of the living room}

{dan mullen loves phi mu. and who can blame him. they love him too.}

{hey members of "not afraid to be awesome'! remember this? we may not have been the most athletic but we always made sure we looked the best! ha!}

{just a little sign i thought was cute}

{"to keep forever sacred the memory of those we have loved and lost..." memorial room for phi mu sisters who have passed away}

{ginny, bree, springer, me, and anna}

{me and mom pat. there are not enough words to explain how much this woman means to me. she truly was a mother-away-from-home and definitely kept us in check. love her dearly and i am pretty sure she feels the same seeing as how i was the only one she would pull out of bed at 7:30 in the morning to help her move tables :) mom pat, you are and always will be the!}

{oh the banners...i cannot tell you how many of these full-sized bed sheets i helped prime for painting over the years. many hours spent up in the attic.}

{me and martha ruth. sweet lady. she was one of the founding chapter members and was extremely involved during my time in phi mu. her daughter has twins so it was neat to get to share all the excitement with her.}

{brick walkway. anyone see themselves?}

{saturday night there was a nice banquet to celebrate 50 years!}

{phi mu cowbells. doesn't get much better than that.}

{carnations. duh.}


{more cowbell}

{and no southern event is complete without petit-fours}

{a special treat at the banquet was a visit and speech from national phi mu president, kris bridges}

{kris honoring three of the founding members. it must be a neat feeling to have watched your efforts come to fruition 50 years later.}

Wonderful weekend. With a wonderful friend. Reminiscing over wonderful memories. 

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