Sunday, October 21, 2012

Four Months and Fabulous

Seeing as how James and Mattie Rose will be five months old next week, it's about time we did our four month post.

The week prior to moving we somehow managed a little play date with our sweet friend Adalyn and mama Olivia. Here lately, as the babies have become more and more visual, they are taking an interest in any and everyone! They are so curious right now and it's quite funny to watch.

Poor James was a little left out of the play date. He only wanted his mommy that day. Which is totally fine by me :) 

{adalyn on the left and mattie rose on the right}

{sweet, happy friends so pretty in pink}

{this cracks me up for some reason}

We also somehow managed to take their four months pictures on their four month birthday. Thanks to my sweet friend Brooke they turned out pretty cute! She was such a huge help to me while trying to get our house all packed up! James loves looking at pretty girls and Mattie Rose eats up any bit of attention given to her. So this is why they are looking away from the camera, they were staring at Brooke :)

{this picture makes me want to laugh, cry, smile... i love it. i love them.}

{sweet sister and brother}

{ahhh that smile}

{silly girl}

{that tongue is always sticking out these days}

{so happy}

{her curious face}

{my mellow man}

{how many more of these do we have to take mom?}

{he does this thing with his eyebrows and it cracks me up. it's gets pretty intense when he tries to have a conversation with you...}

James and Mattie Rose, here's just a few things going on with you right now:

*you both learned how to roll from your belly to back about a month ago
*james, you can go to sleep the minute you get your wub (paci) and mattie rose, you fight it all the time
*you drink a 5-6 oz bottle every 3 1/2-4 hours
*you have started oatmeal cereal and love it! although we are still working on the whole not sticking the tongue out thing ha!
*you love to snuggle in the mornings after breakfast while mommy drinks coffee and you watch mickey mouse clubhouse
*you are happiest immediately after waking up and during bath time
*something about mommy singing the ABCs makes everything right in the world
*you both love to fly like an airplane
*the jumperoo is the best money i've spent on you in a while, you love it and can play in it for hours if I'd let you! It's incredible to watch you figure out how things work!
*you don't love to be held chest-to-chest anymore which makes me sad; you have to be facing outward so you can see everything in your environment
*we have the best silly conversations with lots of laughter
*you still aren't making it all the way through the night yet; mommy has to get up several times from 4:00 on to put a paci back or pat back to sleep. I am determined to not let you think 5:00 is wake up time
*mattie rose you are still wearing 0-3 month size clothing, and james you are in 3-6 month
*you love your lovies beside your face when it's time to sleep
*swaddling still does the trick though I think those days are coming to a close end
*now that you have both figured out who your jake-dog is, you crack up when you see him and love it when he sniffs you and gives you a quick kiss (though mommy cringes)
*you are now sitting in a high-chair and this totally wigs your mommy out (you CAN'T be old enough for that already, can you?)

Though I miss working, and I am way exhausted at the end of the day, there is no place else I would rather spend my days than with these sweet gifts from the Lord. Feeding them, playing with them, reading to them, and praying over them. There is no job more important than this one!

We see Dr. Hanson tomorrow for a check-up and shots :( I haven't found a pediatrician in our new town yet, and since we are back in Memphis for the week, it worked out well! 

Will post tomorrow with their updated stats!

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