Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4, errr 4 3/4, Months Update

Monday afternoon, the babies had their 4 month check-up with the oh-so-wonderful Dr. Hanson at Laurelwood Pediatrics. Mommies or mommies-to-be in the Memphis area, if you are looking for a new pediatrician I HIGHLY recommend him! He is fantastic! As a healthcare professional myself, knowledge and clinical skills are incredibly important to me, but as a mother, loving my children is just as important. This sweet man walks in and immediately reaches for the twins! And they love him! He will sit with you as long as you need and doesn't get irritated when I pull out my phone to check my laundry list of ridiculous questions! And when he says the twins look great, he will look over at you and say, "Great job, Mom." Which obviously is a nice bit of validation!

Enjoy a few pictures before I give you their stats!

{a little tummy time while we wait for the doc. these kids love mirrors.}

{james and his funny faces}

{mattie rose has a few of her own as well}

{their two favorite toys, links and those red balls}

{mattie rose is enthralled by her toes these days}

{mom was unable to go with me, so madalyn, my dear friend a mother-in-the-faith to me, met us there. so grateful for her, because it is so difficult to console two babies at the same time.}

So here is where we stand one week before our 5 month birthday:

     *Mattie Rose: 24 inches - 29th percentile
     *James: 25.25 inches - 52nd percentile

     *Mattie Rose: 12 pounds 2.5 ounces - 10th percentile
     *James: 13 pounds 14 ounces - 18th percentile

Head Circumference:
     *Mattie Rose: 40 centimeters - 21st percentile
     *James: 41 centimeters - 18th percentile

So per Dr. Hanson's words, according to the growth charts they are little babies with big ole heads! :) He said they look fantastic and was quite impressed with their development for being twins and a few weeks early at that! I am one. proud. mama.

After their two months shots, they seemed to do just fine. They were a little fussy, but no fever. They did not tolerate this round quite as well. Yesterday may have been the hardest day I have had in about three months. They were both running fever all day, despite my rigid 4-hour Tylenol dosing. And both wanted to be held all day. Now, for some more comic relief, please picture what this might have looked like while I had a follow up OB appointment in the middle of the day! Ay yi yi!

Needless to say, after bath time last night, mommy was right behind the babies in going to bed. I have no shame in telling you that my eyes were shut by 8:00!

This morning, though, we woke up with smiles on our faces and no fever! Praise God. Seriously. I put my head down last night telling Him, "I cannot do this without you." He totally met me in my need yesterday, as He does everyday!

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