Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Countdown


As I write this from our labor and delivery room, I can't even fathom how I am going to sleep tonight.

It's like Christmas Eve. Who really sleeps well the night before receiving gifts? Not this girl, that's for sure.

We weren't supposed to be here until noon tomorrow, however at my final doctor's appointment today, my protein levels and blood pressure were still very high. The doctor thought it would be wise to monitor me and the babies overnight, just in case. So here we are. All checked in and playing the waiting game.

Fortunately, I don't have to keep the monitors on all night. Unfortunately, labor and delivery room beds are made for just that. Labor and delivery. Not sleep. So hopefully, we can manage some decent sleep tonight (the Ambien the nurse offered will definitely be accepted gratefully).

As I think back over the past 36 weeks, I stand amazed at how the Lord works and how His creation plays out in the circle of life. To think back to our horrible first trimester where I was puking my guts out all day long for 3 months straight and how James and Mattie Rose developed perfectly in the midst of my inadequacy boggles my mind. There is no explanation. Well there is. And it's Him! And how here we are 3 1/2 weeks early. Which for twins isn't so bad. They may arrive teeny tiny tomorrow, but I have complete faith that the same God who began this good (in my opinion exquisite) work in me, will complete it and it will be so much more than I could ever imagine it to be!

I think about how I could not have made it through this pregnancy without some pretty fantastic support. From my mom taking Kyle and I in when I was so sick and couldn't take care of myself or my family. To other family members who have been in constant prayer for us and the babies. To sweet friendships and sisterhood who have let me cry and yell and then encouraged me. To my WONDERFUL husband, who rightfully deserved to call me lots of ugly names, yet showed me nothing but grace and selfless, servant love.

So we countdown til 2:00 tomorrow afternoon when surgery is scheduled and covet all prayers!!!

Sweet dreams!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekly Update: 33 Weeks and Game 5

Today wraps up 33 weeks of pregnancy for this girl. That means we are looking at anywhere from now until 5 more weeks... Time is flying and I am not really sure where to!

Wednesday night was Game 5 for the Grizz series against the Floppers. I mean the Clippers. I rested all day on the couch so I could rationalize heading to the Forum for the game. Kyle and I didn't miss a single playoff game last year, and between pregnancy sickness and exhaustion games have been limited for us this year. I was not about to pass this game up! Plus, James and Mattie Rose need to learn where NBA loyalties lie in this family :)

{though a little snug, my faithful jersey still fit over the big ole bump}

{the mcshans still believe}

{getting the party started}

{growl towels up}

Good thing we didn't miss this one! The Grizz won and will play tonight in L.A., hopefully bagging another win and bringing it home for Game 7. 

Our weekly check-up with the doctor went well. These visits are getting short, sweet, and to-the-point. The ultrasound looked great with babies all over the place! Mattie Rose weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces and James weighs 4 pounds 13 ounces. I still having plenty of fluid surrounding each baby, which makes the doctor think we could easily go all the way!

I am convinced that certain things in life end the same way they begin, pregnancy being one of them. Nausea has crept back up, I can't seem to sleep enough, and I have become an emotional wreck. I literally cry once a day, sometimes over nothing and other times over nothing. Ha! 

The doctor wants to monitor to me just a little more closely since we are getting close to the end, so I have to check in Monday for a quick blood pressure reading and chat, before my regular weekly ultrasound next Thursday. We will keep everyone posted as we know more! 


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shower Here, Shower There

Last weekend, I was supposed to go to Crossville with Kyle to attend a baby shower for James and Mattie Rose at the church Kyle grew up in. However, the doctor gave me a big, fat "no" to travel since all the commotion with the contractions. 

I was a little upset to have to cancel the shower, because I know those women and how much hard work they had probably already put in to everything. But Kyle went ahead so he could see some of his buddies one last time. It's like we are dying or something :) 

So I stayed home, resting over the weekend. I did, however, make it to my friend Rachael's shower that was being held just a few houses down from our house. I made sure to park my big booty on the couch and take it easy. Rachael is due with Ada Rose (her and Mattie Rose share the same second name which I love) just a couple weeks before me. It was a sweet, sweet shower with several of her work friends and then a crew from our PT class. 

{the attendees with momma in the middle}

{do you know how hard it was to get all those hands on that little belly}

Since we had to cancel the shower in Crossville, they still set up an adorable little table for our sweet babies at the church where people could bring gifts if they desired. So thoughtful...

{the setup with goodies}

{the invitations had a bird nest on them, with two eggs inside...explains the sign a little better}

{another shot}

{i just love seeing her name}

{and james' too}

{kyle's best friend steven dropped by with a gift for james and mattie rose - socks, onesies, and bibs. ALL UT! what am i going to do...hey bulldogs, where yall at?? :) }

Other than decorating the walls, the nursery is finally FINISHED!!! And I could not love it more! I think it may be my favorite room in our house. It's bright and colorful and I just love spending time in there relaxing, organizing, and just dreaming. It was incredibly difficult to find gender neutral bedding, so mom and I picked out some fabric from Premier Fabrics (highly recommend). We were so fortunate enough and blessed to have one of mom's friends offer to make the curtains and bedding for the nursery! What an undertaking!!! She did a fantastic job with everything!

Here are a few pictures of the room: 

{view from the back of the room - the door is to the front left}

{once you walk into the room}

{view from in between the cribs - we have no closet space for the babies so mom's old armoire definitely came in handy!}

{the wall across from the armoire - those two windows peek into our sunroom}

{walking in the door to the nursery - that way i can peek in and check on them without having to walk across the entire room}

We also got another big surprise in last week too! Dad and Kim were too generous in gifting us with the awesome car seats and stroller system we had been eyeing for some time. I am so excited to be able to cart James and Mattie Rose in these fine things...

{my view for the next who knows how long...}

{crazy to think this is going to be my life in the next few weeks}

We go back to the doctor again on Thursday (weekly appointments now) so I will update everyone on our 32 1/2 week stats then!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!!!! Love to all!