Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winding Down...

As summer winds down and September comes to a close, here's just a quick update on what has been going on with the McShans...

We began September resting and relaxing with dear friends of ours in east Tennessee. The husbands went to the UT game while the wives shopped, ate, and talked all things babies. Out of the four of us, one has a baby and two are preggers, and then there is me :) Far from it...

I have recently started meeting with a new discipleship group, and it has been great already! Already, bonds have been formed and I feel like I can really be myself around these women and be vulnerable with them, sharing exciting times and tough times. The Lord is really working on me, concerning discipline, both in my relationship and growth with Him, as well as discipline in my work, home, and social life.

Two Thursdays ago, Kyle left for "East Asia" with a group to train pastors and other believers. He got back yesterday, and since I am writing this post from the DC airport, I know no details of the trip as communication between us couldn't happen.

Wondering why I am in DC? My step-brother Sean got married this weekend in Rosehaven, Maryland at a cute little resort on the Chesapeake Bay. This will be your only source of photographic entertainment in this post. I have been such a horrible picture taker lately. Laziness I presume.

Anywho, Sean and Alison are now Mr. and Mrs. McCarty and I could not be happier for them. I love my brother dearly and I would like to think that our relationship has no need for the "step" prefix. Alison is fantastic and I could not have hand-picked anyone better for him. She is incredibly beautiful, athletic, and intelligent! And she doesn't put up with any of his crap, which I love!

The following pictures are off the iphone, since I don't have my cord to transfer pictures from the camera.

Travel is way better when I am with my parents and get nice little upgrades. Here is Mom and I enjoying SkyClub before boarding.

HUGE American flag at the airport in DC.

Ceremony site. I kid you not when I tell you the weather was horrible ALL weekend, except for Saturday. Two very lucky people, because the ceremony was beautiful outside and to think it almost didn't happen the way they envisioned it. Weather was perfect Saturday afternoon!

Groomsmen and the groom.

Mother of the bride, Ruth, anxiously awaiting her daughter. Sweet, sweet lady.

Alison and her daddy. She looked stunning!

I do. We did.

Photos after the ceremony. ALL smiles!

Bridal party.

The sign on the right says, "Where we've been, where we are now, and the people who got us here." Pictures of family. So sweet.

Table settings. It was a sit-down dinner. Each table was given a name of a country that Sean and Alison have either travelled to growing up or that they have travelled to together. I ate dinner in Switzerland.

After a year of owning it, I still love to see my "new" name. Wish Mr. McShan had been able to join in the festivities.

The madre and me at dinner. She looked great, healthy, and tan, and I can just decide for yourself :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunday Fiesta

Two weeks after my Phoenix trip, I threw a shower for my boss, Valerie. She is getting married in October and Juan, her fiance, is originally from Mexico. So a fiesta-themed shower seemed only right :)

We had the shower at my house which I was a little nervous about since our house is not very big. But it ended up being just the right size to hold ALL the food, ALL the guests (almost everyone invited attended), and ALL the presents (and believe me, there were a ton)!

I get a little frantic when playing hostess making sure everything is just the way I like it, so my pictures of the set up are not the best. I was in a last minute mad dash to take pictures before everyone got there. So please excuse my poor quality of pictures...

Candice, Valerie, Me, and Phyllis. My work family. And I mean family in every sense of the word.

The HOT seat.

One of the tables. Cupcakes, chips, invitations, etc...

Food shot!

7 layer dip.

Mexican Plum Tomato Cups.

Veggie tray.

Another shot.

Tea, Punch, Water.

Other side of the main food table.

Salsa Lime Bean Dip.

The Betrothed.

More drinks.

More food.

My friend Lauren had chili pepper lights that I strung across our arch-way.

Lime and Salt popcorn. If you haven't had this, you MUST try! I'm obsessed...

Ceviche-style shrimp cocktail and a chicken fajita crescent braid.

Guest shot.

Eating, drinking, and being merry.

Presents begin!!!!

Keeping track of ALL those goodies was a tough job, but I have had much experience in this department :)

One of my elderly patients made these pot-holders for Val. One was a pair of boy shorts and these were the girl's. So cute!

Val doesn't drink alcohol, and was a little unsure about what this gift was... She got a quick lesson.

The Boss and me. Love love love her!

Val and Juan! I wish you a very happy wedding and marriage!!! Love you both! Mucho!