Monday, January 6, 2014

December Fun

Leading up to Christmas, we had plenty of activities to get us in the holiday spirit. 

The church where we are members in Crossville has The Living Christmas Tree every year. It's a massive tree, that the choir stands in and sings from throughout a gospel-centered performance. We attempted to take the twins last year, but they were way too young and ready for bed before the introduction was even over. 

This year, they managed a little better. They loved the singing, and would dance throughout it, but got a little antsy when the acting portion was happening. 

{daddy and james taking it all in}

{mattie rose and her momma mc}

{uncle micah even made an appearance}

{somehow we ended up without kiddos in our laps. need to document those moments.}

The next day, we celebrated Asher-man's 2nd birthday. Kayla had his party at a local tumbling/cheerleading center. It was probably the best idea ever. In one room there was a inflatable bounce house, and in the other room there were tunnels, slides, trampolines, bars, and balance beams. The twins are so active right now that they enjoyed every bit of it!

{this kid is pumped}

{concentration requires a tongue hanging out of the mouth}

{we loved bouncing on the trampoline}

{pure joy}


{she had a hard time staying on her feet}

{the wonder of a balloon}

{i'm not sure when they got old enough to eat a slice of pizza and drink capri-suns}

{loves his daddy}

{best buds}

{the birthday boy}

{it's a shame we don't like cupcakes}

{savoring every bite}

{he wasn't sure what he was doing, but he loved it}

{this little girl is fearless}

{future olympian}

{bubs wasn't quite as graceful}

{having so much fun!}

{after the party, we went to the siscos to relax a little and snuggle with maeve. mattie rose loved loving on her}

The following week, we started to get our butts in gear for Christmas!

{my little elves coloring while mommy wrapped presents}

And then there was the tacky sweater party for our youth group. I have been leading a small group for the 9th and 10th grade girls this school year, and it's been so fun. They are so fun and silly and keep me laughing. 

{james getting down in his jams}

{mattie rose and her buddy xander. who isn't too concerned with her...}

{this is what mommies who are involved with youth do...strap 'em down and give 'em some food}

{my girls. though we were missing a few.}

{emma and me. she was my shopping buddy for these awesome outfits.}

Sunday, January 5, 2014

18 Month Update

In the midst of the holiday madness, James and Mattie Rose had their 18 month check up. Things are looking well as usual.

Mattie Rose weighed in at 22 pounds, and Brother beat her weighing in at 23 pounds. I, for the life of me, cannot remember their length but I want to guess James was 32 3/4 inches and Mattie Rose was 31 1/4. What I do remember is that he was an inch and a half taller than she was. I'll have to double check at our next appointment. Which God-willing will not be until our two year appointment. Yes, you heard me right. TWO YEARS! I can't even let my mind or my heart go there...

{we have a new way of waiting for dr. leslie, we climb}

{trying to entertain himself}

{she's a pro at climbing}

{they never cease to crack me up}

Dr. Leslie said they are perfect little people! Little being the key word, but perfect nonetheless. I love to see how they affect other people, and they had her cracking up as well! 

A few facts about us at this present time:

-Working our way to one afternoon nap
-LOVES bananas, and any other fruit really
-Go to Mother's Day Out two times a week
-Cannot get enough play time outside
-Could climb Mt. Everest if Mommy would let us
-Love to give hugs and kisses
-High fives and bumps are a close second
-James is in 18 month clothing and Mattie Rose in 12-18 month
-Each have 12 teeth with a few poking their way through
-Are beginning to "talk" up a storm

James' words: mommy, daddy, pop, bye, ball, hot, more, all done, love you, baby, "sees (sister), 
and a variety of animal sounds, and his newest "brrr cold"

Mattie Rose's words: mommy, daddy, ball, hot, yes, more, all done, and a variety of animal sounds

I was a little concerned at the time of our appointment about their speech. But it seemed as if the minute I mentioned it, they began to enunciate more clearly and are becoming more and more expressive each week. It's really a neat thing to watch!

Stay posted to watch us grow!

Thanksgiving 2013

Our initial plans for Thanksgiving were to make the drive to Dallas to spend the holiday with my dad and Kim. They ended up moving into their new house that week, so we decided it best to wait until they were settled to visit. 

So we ended up heading to Memphis, which worked out beautifully since Kati and the girls were home from Japan while Patrick was away at a training. It was a wonderful four days there full of much quality time, though it's never enough.

{my best girl and i watching the macy's parade in our jams}

{and meme and her best boy}

{uncle kyle sharing his grapes with james}

That afternoon, we headed over to the Weymouth's for dinner. 

{my sweet little goddaughter, harper claire}

{auntie corky teaching harper how to take selfies. she's impressed. ha!}

{aunty corky and her first niece. oh sweet abbi, how i love you so.}

{kisses. we call these "lipstick."}

{besties for 18 years! hard to believe...}

{half of our offspring}

{the new kids' table}

{much needed mommies night out time at the john mayer concert}

{and just in case you were wondering where kyle was, well, he was there :) }

November Happenings

This woman is way behind on blogging... Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas has come and gone. And now it's a new year. But before we get any further into 2014, I need to make sure I document our holiday happenings. But before that, I don't want to forget our "everyday" occurrences either.

November seems like it was six months ago... We had some visitors, some great weather, and a few "firsts."

We spent many days at the park. James and Mattie Rose love to run at the park, swing high, and fly down the slide.

{super static for this silly girl}

{getting some education on the walking trail}

{just strolling with daddy}

We had a quick visit from our Grandpa Bill (my mom's dad). 

{two williams}

{meme and her girl}

Our big boy got his first haircut... And mommy cried. Just a little. 

{mommy, get me down...}

{sister just keepin' an eye on things}

{when mommy started to tear up}

{my buddy's not too sure about his new coiff}

Since we had such nice weather, Kyle and I took a day date to Big South Fork for a hike around Honey Creek Loop. It was beautiful and exhausting.

{my man}

{he loves to pose}


{pictures don't do this trail justice}

{i wish i knew the story behind this... hard to tell but just lots of stacked stones. really neat.}

{i'm surprised i was smiling at this point. took quite a bit of time and pain to get here.}

{exiting big south fork}

{a little pit stop on the way home from hiking}

{if every hike ends here, i'll hike any day}

My cousin Rachel spent the night with us while she was on the way out for residency interviews. It was a quick trip, but I'll take it!

{our dads are twins}

{early morning breakfast at cracker barrel-my little genius}

{chowing down}

Another "first" for the twins was their Thanksgiving program at Mother's Day Out. They really only sat  in the buggy, clapped their hands, and said "yay!"

{mattie rose sitting without her bubs...}

{...because the minute he saw mommy, he cried and reached for me.}

{some of our sweet friends}

{loved putting on a show when the real show was over}

{one of my little turkeys}

{and the other little turkey}

Kyle and I also had our "first" UT game together. It was fah-reezing but so much fun. Even though the Vols lost right at the end. Such is this life for UT and State fans...

{love that little photo-bomber in the back}

{kyle and his buds}

{added layers by the end of the game}

After all of this, we were ready to get the holidays in gear!!!