Sunday, January 5, 2014

18 Month Update

In the midst of the holiday madness, James and Mattie Rose had their 18 month check up. Things are looking well as usual.

Mattie Rose weighed in at 22 pounds, and Brother beat her weighing in at 23 pounds. I, for the life of me, cannot remember their length but I want to guess James was 32 3/4 inches and Mattie Rose was 31 1/4. What I do remember is that he was an inch and a half taller than she was. I'll have to double check at our next appointment. Which God-willing will not be until our two year appointment. Yes, you heard me right. TWO YEARS! I can't even let my mind or my heart go there...

{we have a new way of waiting for dr. leslie, we climb}

{trying to entertain himself}

{she's a pro at climbing}

{they never cease to crack me up}

Dr. Leslie said they are perfect little people! Little being the key word, but perfect nonetheless. I love to see how they affect other people, and they had her cracking up as well! 

A few facts about us at this present time:

-Working our way to one afternoon nap
-LOVES bananas, and any other fruit really
-Go to Mother's Day Out two times a week
-Cannot get enough play time outside
-Could climb Mt. Everest if Mommy would let us
-Love to give hugs and kisses
-High fives and bumps are a close second
-James is in 18 month clothing and Mattie Rose in 12-18 month
-Each have 12 teeth with a few poking their way through
-Are beginning to "talk" up a storm

James' words: mommy, daddy, pop, bye, ball, hot, more, all done, love you, baby, "sees (sister), 
and a variety of animal sounds, and his newest "brrr cold"

Mattie Rose's words: mommy, daddy, ball, hot, yes, more, all done, and a variety of animal sounds

I was a little concerned at the time of our appointment about their speech. But it seemed as if the minute I mentioned it, they began to enunciate more clearly and are becoming more and more expressive each week. It's really a neat thing to watch!

Stay posted to watch us grow!

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