Sunday, January 5, 2014

November Happenings

This woman is way behind on blogging... Thanksgiving has come and gone. Christmas has come and gone. And now it's a new year. But before we get any further into 2014, I need to make sure I document our holiday happenings. But before that, I don't want to forget our "everyday" occurrences either.

November seems like it was six months ago... We had some visitors, some great weather, and a few "firsts."

We spent many days at the park. James and Mattie Rose love to run at the park, swing high, and fly down the slide.

{super static for this silly girl}

{getting some education on the walking trail}

{just strolling with daddy}

We had a quick visit from our Grandpa Bill (my mom's dad). 

{two williams}

{meme and her girl}

Our big boy got his first haircut... And mommy cried. Just a little. 

{mommy, get me down...}

{sister just keepin' an eye on things}

{when mommy started to tear up}

{my buddy's not too sure about his new coiff}

Since we had such nice weather, Kyle and I took a day date to Big South Fork for a hike around Honey Creek Loop. It was beautiful and exhausting.

{my man}

{he loves to pose}


{pictures don't do this trail justice}

{i wish i knew the story behind this... hard to tell but just lots of stacked stones. really neat.}

{i'm surprised i was smiling at this point. took quite a bit of time and pain to get here.}

{exiting big south fork}

{a little pit stop on the way home from hiking}

{if every hike ends here, i'll hike any day}

My cousin Rachel spent the night with us while she was on the way out for residency interviews. It was a quick trip, but I'll take it!

{our dads are twins}

{early morning breakfast at cracker barrel-my little genius}

{chowing down}

Another "first" for the twins was their Thanksgiving program at Mother's Day Out. They really only sat  in the buggy, clapped their hands, and said "yay!"

{mattie rose sitting without her bubs...}

{...because the minute he saw mommy, he cried and reached for me.}

{some of our sweet friends}

{loved putting on a show when the real show was over}

{one of my little turkeys}

{and the other little turkey}

Kyle and I also had our "first" UT game together. It was fah-reezing but so much fun. Even though the Vols lost right at the end. Such is this life for UT and State fans...

{love that little photo-bomber in the back}

{kyle and his buds}

{added layers by the end of the game}

After all of this, we were ready to get the holidays in gear!!!

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