Sunday, January 27, 2013

Auntie Am Visits!!!

Last weekend, one of my best friends, Amber, came to visit us. She and I became friends in high school, though I really could not tell you how, and she has been a sister to me ever since. Love her to pieces and so do James and Mattie Rose. They loved snuggling with her, pulling her long hair, and reaching for her new ultra-cool hipster Rayban glasses.

We cooked healthy meals only to follow them up with yummy cookies and ice cream. I figure it's the same as why people many people run/exercise, so they can enjoy eating :)

Here are a few pictures of James and Mattie Rose with their Auntie Am:




And since it is near impossible to be in a picture with my favorite little ones, Amber snapped a few of the three of us:





And just because they are so cute, here are just a couple more:



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lucky Seven

We turned a whole SEVEN months on Sunday! 

We are doing big things around here now, and Mommy has a feeling that here soon she won't be sitting still as much as she does now. We are both now sitting up all by ourselves, with an occasional tumble if a sneeze takes us by surprise. And we are rolling all over the place. We have an 8x10 rug in our living room and if one of us is put in one corner, we will be on the other side in a blink of the eye. 

We still thrive off of three naps (mommy is very thankful for this), although our third nap is really just a cat nap. We love to nap without making a peep, but at night time we think it's funny to wake Mommy and Daddy up several times to put pacis back in. They think they will take them from us sooner than later, but we'll see about that. 

We pretty much like everything Mommy and Daddy put on a spoon and in our mouths. We love trying to pick up puffs off of our high chair trays, even if it takes us 10 minutes to get just one in our mouth. We also discovered today that we like string cheese! 

We like to drink water out of a big kid cup, but think our sippy cups are toys. 

We love to sit in high chairs at restaurants now, and if we could climb and crawl, we'd find a way out of them in a heartbeat. 

We hate it when Mommy and Daddy turn their backs to us, because it makes us think they are leaving us. Which we hate. 

If you want a big belly laugh out of us, just tell Daddy to rub his whiskers across our tummies, and we will literally be rolling on the floor laughing. We love it when Mommy sings, though Daddy always makes fun of her voice. 

We put everything in our mouths, yet there are still no signs of any teeth ready to make their appearance. Mommy makes dentist Daddy check everyday! 

We are still making very high-pitched sounds and shake like a leaf when we get excited! Especially when our Jake-dog kisses us.

We have to get our second flu shot next week, which we are not looking forward to, but Mommy said so. A phrase we are going to learn very quickly. 

Here are some pictures from our seven month birthday!


{our mouths are always open}


{silly brother. silly faces.}


{i'm looking like a little boy, not a baby anymore}


{sister's smile}


{telling a story more than likely}


{so excited}


{smiling's my favorite}


{sister bear}


{this is the face i make to get what i want}


{we're getting so big so fast}

Stay tuned to watch us grow...