Saturday, July 28, 2012

8 Weeks and Growing...

This past Wednesday, Mattie Rose and James turned 8 weeks old. TWO MONTHS! Though it's only been two months, it seems as if we have always had these sweet little ones in our lives. And on the other hand, it has only been two months. They are steadily growing, most likely weighing the same as an average full-term singleton baby. But to me, they are getting huge! James has definitely caught up to and passed Mattie Rose on weight. Which is totally evident in his cheeks, double chin, and quickly developing rolls in his thighs. Have I mentioned I LOVE chubby babies? I am secretly hoping they have more rolls than a bakery here in the next couple of months. 

They have finally figured out the difference between night and day. James is now sleeping just about six hours in a row with only a quick little wake-up to put his wub (pacifier) back in. And of course, Miss High-Maintenance Mattie Rose can only make it about 4-4 1/2 hours. Once I feed James and burp him, he goes right back to sleep. Mattie Rose on the other hand has been staying wide awake after, falling asleep only if she is snuggled up to me. I am trying not to let her get used to co-sleeping, but I don't have the energy in the middle of the night to be consistent. Plus, who doesn't want to snuggle with a precious baby girl?

During the day, we are eating every three hours. James can take down 4-5 ounces and Mattie Rose can get down 3-4 ounces. After we play for a little while, we go down for a nap and repeat until about 6:00 at night. I try to keep them awake from then until bedtime in hopes they will sleep a little longer through the night. We have bath time around 8:00 and then it's jam time (pajamas). They get another bottle after this while we read and say our prayers. Then it's a quick kiss and a snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug tuck in!

This past week was the first for me to tackle mommy-hood independently. Kyle was super helpful when I got in a bind in the middle of the night, changing diapers or giving a bottle. The days were great and we were able to get back on a good schedule. I am always so worried about not spending equal quality time with each of them, but the Lord has really taken hold of my time this week and working it out to where I was able to spend intentional, individual time with them to engage their attention and pray over them!

Here are some photos from our two month photo shoot!

{james - see the beginning of those thigh rolls?}

{tried to catch the smile}

{sweet baby james}

{mattie rose posing}

{mom, just hurry up and take my picture}

{and then she fell over and started laughing}

{impossible to get two babies to look in one direction}

{james on left, mattie rose on right}

{get away from me brother :) }

{playing on the rug - mattie rose on the left, james on the right}

{full body comparison - can see how much bigger james is than mattie rose}

{and mattie rose has had enough}

{the selecmans brought us dinner one night and sammye kate did such a great job holding mattie rose}

{sweet girls}

We are attempting to take the babes to church in the morning for the first time. Pray for us and those around us. Ha!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

World's Best Chicken

I have been on the hunt for VERY easy recipes since time is limited and the babies seem to cry the minute I try to be productive. So to Pinterest I have been turning. 

I came across a picture titled "World's Best Chicken" and duh, I clicked on it. Three ingredients, yes please!

{1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1/2 cup dijon mustard}

{season boneless, skinless chicken breasts with salt and pepper}

{combine the red wine vinegar, maple syrup, and dijon mustard}

{pour over the chicken and cook at 450 deg for 40 minutes or until chicken is cooked through}

I served with brown rice and green beans. I wouldn't say it was the best chicken I have ever had, but it was pretty tasty and moist. Easy peasy. 


Hotel McShan - No Vacancy

That's the sign that is going in the window starting tomorrow :)

We have had non-stop company since the babies were two weeks old, and it finally came to an end today. I have been so grateful and appreciative of all the help we have had, but I am excited to have time with just our little family and to learn how to navigate mommyhood independently. 

This past week, my grandparents Gigi and Poppy came to visit. Mattie Rose and James are their first great-grandchildren. And boy are they proud!!! Mattie Rose and James loved snuggling with them and listening to Poppy's great songs. 

Gigi and Poppy are my dad's parents, and remember my dad is a twin. Gigi and I have a very special relationship, one that's hard to put into words. And now that I have twins, it's just one more special life experience we share. 

On Friday, my cousin Rachel and her new husband Michael, as well as my Aunt Karen, came in town for the weekend. Rachel lives in Hattiesburg in D.O. school and is a short 4 1/2 hour drive away. She and Michael were married in March in New Orleans. And Rachel is my dad's twin's daughter. If that makes any sense. Anywho, they stayed downtown at the Peabody but we spent Friday afternoon and night and most of the day Saturday and Saturday night together. It was absolutely wonderful to get to spend time with them, and I hated to see them go :(

Here are just a few shots from the week/weekend. I am trying to do better remembering to keep the camera close. 

{poppy holding mattie rose and gigi holding james}

{james chillin' with his wub}

{and mattie rose with hers}

{michael and rachel relaxin' with mattie rose}

{poppy with his great-grandbabies}

{gigi and the babes}

{they were both so awake so we had a little story time}

{more story time}

{aunt karen holding james and rachel holding mattie rose}

{such a natural}

{i'm ready for them to have babies}

{after dinner at capriccio in the peabody}

{and a little playtime on sunday afternoon}

Please keep us in your prayers for nights full of good rest and for confidence for me as I start to tackle the days by myself!

Love to all!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Equals Playday

The past week the McShans were here visiting and left today. I, of course, slacked on taking pictures and literally did not take a single picture of them while they were here. I stay so busy whether it be with babies or housework that taking pictures hardly crosses my mind. That is, until after events are over and I am kicking myself once I realize it. 

We had fully planned on going to church this morning. It would have been the first time we would have gone to the morning service. Last week, we were able to make it to a Sunday night service for the first time. Our church, Fellowship Memphis, used to have a Sunday night but recently stopped. So we went to Bellevue last Sunday night. There is just something about being in community with other believers, worshipping corporately... We have missed it. But James and Mattie Rose had a rough night/morning and our plans went out the window. 

I did however manage to make it to lunch to see a sweet, sweet friend of mine. Jackie and I have been friends since high school. We were in church youth group together and also coached CYAA cheerleading for several years. A year and a half ago, Jackie gave birth to beautiful Lynnlee. However, Jackie was only around 24 weeks pregnant when Lynnlee made her grand debut into this world. Jackie was told at around 18 weeks of pregnancy that Lynnlee had 0% chance of survival due to lack of amniotic fluid. If you know Jackie and her husband Josh, this was not an acceptable answer to them knowing how powerful and miraculous our God is!!! Here they are, a year and a half later with a beautiful happy little girl! Who apparently loves babies as we found out today. Jackie met Mattie Rose and I at Swanky's for lunch and afterward we made a little house call to see Lynnlee. And boy is she cute!!! She was so happy the whole time we were there, wanting to play with Mattie Rose and tickle her feet. She was able to show us where her eyes, ears, nose, and hair were, blow us kisses, show us her big muscles, and sign several words. I just wanted to eat her up!

{sweet lynnlee}

{her "cheese" face}

{old friends and new friends}

Once we got home from playing with Jackie and Lynnlee, Alicia, Patrick, and Declan came over for a quick visit. Alicia has started her residency and her free time is minimal now, so it was super special to get to see them today. And this face below just makes all the worries in the world go away...

{handsome declan}

And so begins a new week...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Weekend

Last weekend was full of wonderfulness!

My oldest and dear friend Kati is in town and she along with her entire family, which is my second family, came over to visit and see the twins. Sweet Abbigail was able to meet her "cousins" and loved all over them. They loved her too!

{BIG kisses for mattie rose}

{we're both looking a little rough in this picture}

{sweet soft kisses for james}

{so happy}

{not sure what to do next} 

{she loves her aunt court}

Later that night, Dad and Kim arrived to spend the weekend with us. I did a horrible job with taking pictures. Really only taking one. Of Dad and James napping. He is going to kill me...

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing. 

{my sweet little man}

{my little loves}

This week the McShans have been in town and have been a big help. I managed to go to the gym last night for my first workout post birth of babies. My friend Caroline had free passes to a kickboxing class at a nearby gym so we went together. Let's just say it probably wasn't the wisest option for my first workout. It kicked my butt!!! But boy did it feel really good to sweat! :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Freedom Celebration

For America and for mommy and daddy!

June 19th was my and Kyle's second anniversary. We had discussed and decided that we wouldn't do anything to celebrate and just stay home and enjoy our babies, our gift to one another!

Yet, when Kyle got home from work that day, he immediately when into our bedroom to change out of his scrubs (which is completely routine) and came back out dressed in regular clothes (not the usual after-work uniform of gym shorts and tshirt). He told me to hurry and go get dressed, that we were headed out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ruth's Chris. MeMe (my mom) and MommaMc (Kyle's mom) babysat for us so we could enjoy the night together. 

It was wonderful to enjoy a dinner alone, but Kyle couldn't drive home fast enough! I missed those little ones...

{pre-dinner pic}

Mattie Rose and James had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July at their MeMe and Pop's house. They slept all day after keeping their mom and dad up all night the night before. We snapped just a couple of shots in their patriotic clothes. 

{mattie rose looking a  little drowsy after breakfast}

{sweet, little content james}

{side by side shot}

{in other news, we have a balding boy on our hands - look at that shine}

Dad and Kim are here this weekend visiting so I will update later on...