Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Freedom Celebration

For America and for mommy and daddy!

June 19th was my and Kyle's second anniversary. We had discussed and decided that we wouldn't do anything to celebrate and just stay home and enjoy our babies, our gift to one another!

Yet, when Kyle got home from work that day, he immediately when into our bedroom to change out of his scrubs (which is completely routine) and came back out dressed in regular clothes (not the usual after-work uniform of gym shorts and tshirt). He told me to hurry and go get dressed, that we were headed out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Ruth's Chris. MeMe (my mom) and MommaMc (Kyle's mom) babysat for us so we could enjoy the night together. 

It was wonderful to enjoy a dinner alone, but Kyle couldn't drive home fast enough! I missed those little ones...

{pre-dinner pic}

Mattie Rose and James had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July at their MeMe and Pop's house. They slept all day after keeping their mom and dad up all night the night before. We snapped just a couple of shots in their patriotic clothes. 

{mattie rose looking a  little drowsy after breakfast}

{sweet, little content james}

{side by side shot}

{in other news, we have a balding boy on our hands - look at that shine}

Dad and Kim are here this weekend visiting so I will update later on... 

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