Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hotel McShan - No Vacancy

That's the sign that is going in the window starting tomorrow :)

We have had non-stop company since the babies were two weeks old, and it finally came to an end today. I have been so grateful and appreciative of all the help we have had, but I am excited to have time with just our little family and to learn how to navigate mommyhood independently. 

This past week, my grandparents Gigi and Poppy came to visit. Mattie Rose and James are their first great-grandchildren. And boy are they proud!!! Mattie Rose and James loved snuggling with them and listening to Poppy's great songs. 

Gigi and Poppy are my dad's parents, and remember my dad is a twin. Gigi and I have a very special relationship, one that's hard to put into words. And now that I have twins, it's just one more special life experience we share. 

On Friday, my cousin Rachel and her new husband Michael, as well as my Aunt Karen, came in town for the weekend. Rachel lives in Hattiesburg in D.O. school and is a short 4 1/2 hour drive away. She and Michael were married in March in New Orleans. And Rachel is my dad's twin's daughter. If that makes any sense. Anywho, they stayed downtown at the Peabody but we spent Friday afternoon and night and most of the day Saturday and Saturday night together. It was absolutely wonderful to get to spend time with them, and I hated to see them go :(

Here are just a few shots from the week/weekend. I am trying to do better remembering to keep the camera close. 

{poppy holding mattie rose and gigi holding james}

{james chillin' with his wub}

{and mattie rose with hers}

{michael and rachel relaxin' with mattie rose}

{poppy with his great-grandbabies}

{gigi and the babes}

{they were both so awake so we had a little story time}

{more story time}

{aunt karen holding james and rachel holding mattie rose}

{such a natural}

{i'm ready for them to have babies}

{after dinner at capriccio in the peabody}

{and a little playtime on sunday afternoon}

Please keep us in your prayers for nights full of good rest and for confidence for me as I start to tackle the days by myself!

Love to all!

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