Saturday, July 28, 2012

8 Weeks and Growing...

This past Wednesday, Mattie Rose and James turned 8 weeks old. TWO MONTHS! Though it's only been two months, it seems as if we have always had these sweet little ones in our lives. And on the other hand, it has only been two months. They are steadily growing, most likely weighing the same as an average full-term singleton baby. But to me, they are getting huge! James has definitely caught up to and passed Mattie Rose on weight. Which is totally evident in his cheeks, double chin, and quickly developing rolls in his thighs. Have I mentioned I LOVE chubby babies? I am secretly hoping they have more rolls than a bakery here in the next couple of months. 

They have finally figured out the difference between night and day. James is now sleeping just about six hours in a row with only a quick little wake-up to put his wub (pacifier) back in. And of course, Miss High-Maintenance Mattie Rose can only make it about 4-4 1/2 hours. Once I feed James and burp him, he goes right back to sleep. Mattie Rose on the other hand has been staying wide awake after, falling asleep only if she is snuggled up to me. I am trying not to let her get used to co-sleeping, but I don't have the energy in the middle of the night to be consistent. Plus, who doesn't want to snuggle with a precious baby girl?

During the day, we are eating every three hours. James can take down 4-5 ounces and Mattie Rose can get down 3-4 ounces. After we play for a little while, we go down for a nap and repeat until about 6:00 at night. I try to keep them awake from then until bedtime in hopes they will sleep a little longer through the night. We have bath time around 8:00 and then it's jam time (pajamas). They get another bottle after this while we read and say our prayers. Then it's a quick kiss and a snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug tuck in!

This past week was the first for me to tackle mommy-hood independently. Kyle was super helpful when I got in a bind in the middle of the night, changing diapers or giving a bottle. The days were great and we were able to get back on a good schedule. I am always so worried about not spending equal quality time with each of them, but the Lord has really taken hold of my time this week and working it out to where I was able to spend intentional, individual time with them to engage their attention and pray over them!

Here are some photos from our two month photo shoot!

{james - see the beginning of those thigh rolls?}

{tried to catch the smile}

{sweet baby james}

{mattie rose posing}

{mom, just hurry up and take my picture}

{and then she fell over and started laughing}

{impossible to get two babies to look in one direction}

{james on left, mattie rose on right}

{get away from me brother :) }

{playing on the rug - mattie rose on the left, james on the right}

{full body comparison - can see how much bigger james is than mattie rose}

{and mattie rose has had enough}

{the selecmans brought us dinner one night and sammye kate did such a great job holding mattie rose}

{sweet girls}

We are attempting to take the babes to church in the morning for the first time. Pray for us and those around us. Ha!

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