Saturday, August 11, 2012

Early Birthday Dinner

This past week, the McShans were in town so Ramona could have some dental work done by her favorite dentist :) While they were here, they took us out to dinner at J. Alexander's to celebrate my birthday a little early! We snapped just a few pictures while we were out. It's so difficult to get pictures of the four of us together, so we took full advantage of having them around.

{kyle and james}

{my birthday carrot cake - delish}

{mattie rose helping me blow out the candle}

{"ooo mama, give me a bite of that cake"}

{family photo}

[my sweet girl}

{making sure she was being heard}

{sweet baby james}

{his cheeks are starting to get chubby - i love!}

The babies had their two month check up with Dr. Hanson yesterday so as soon as I get pictures uploaded, I will update their stats!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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