Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weeks or Months?

How do you count? Do you go by the date of their birth or consider four weeks one month?

If someone has the answer, please clue this clueless mama in...

Either way, James and Mattie Rose turned four weeks old yesterday! On one hand it seems as if they have been here forever, and on the other hand it's only been four weeks. All sense of time goes out the window in my opinion.

They are doing great! No problems, praise the Lord! I think we have our days and nights confused, which we have started working on. It's rather difficult to keep two babies awake and playing in between feedings, diaper changes, and everything else. But today we had quite a bit of awake/play time, so fingers crossed that they sleep better tonight! 

It is so neat to see their personalities develop and learn their mannerisms! James is rather laid back, only crying or fussing when he is hungry or needs his diaper changed. Mattie Rose on the other hand is somewhat of a drama queen. I'm not sure where she gets it from :) She will let out yelps and squeaks just to make sure someone is paying attention to her. And when she can sense her brother getting more attention, she will quickly try to steal the show. 

They are both so sweet though and love to cuddle with their mom. Or anyone who is holding them. If I'd let them, they would probably both sleep on my chest all night long without waking up. But instead, we put James in his crib and Mattie Rose is sleeping in her Nap Nanny. She does not like lying flat on her back and spits up quite a bit, so we needed something to prop her up. I thought about elevating one end of her crib, but the Nap Nanny is nice because we can put it in the bed with us, take it in the living room, wherever. 

During their second week, my mom came and stayed with us and my mother-in-law stayed with us last week. My mom is here again helping this week. I don't know what I would have done without the two of them! We let Kyle sleep through the night since he is the one having to get up and go to work. And with two of them, night shift is tricky and rough. Fortunately, MeMe and MommaMc take one for the team and let both of us sleep as much as possible.  They have helped me keep my house in order, our stomachs full, and babies happy!

Below are just a few pictures of the duo...

{snuggle time}

{chilling in the nap nanny before heading out to my doctor appointment}

{babies in nothing but diapers - nothing sweeter}

{one month photo shoot begins - someone was getting hungry}

{sweet baby james on the left and miss priss mattie rose on the right}

{he's still having some trouble sitting up :)}


{"mom, really...."}

{sweet sister}

{holding on tight to her brother - hope that never changes}

{having a little brother/sister conversation}

{they were over it by this point}

So who do you think each one looks like? It's interesting to hear what everyone's opinions are. I have mine, but I'll keep them to myself :) 

I  have done a terrible job of taking pictures, mainly because we stay too busy to remember to grab the camera. I plan on doing a better job with this. I know I will regret it if I don't! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. You're almost to the end! Finish strong!

All our love!


  1. Most people I know have gone by the date of their birth for the months. They are so cute!

  2. OMG... ok so first of all Mattie Rose is SPITTING image of you, in my opinion. Not sure about James though. And second, those pictures of her are precious- she's such a diva already and I love it. James is so carefree - I can tell from the pictures. It's clear to see they are growing like weeds!! MUST. SEE. SOON.


  3. So funny. I think Mattie Rose is a mini-Kyle and James is a perfect mix. But when I see them I don't know who is who until I pay attention to their clothes because they look so much a like. =)

  4. So sweet, Courtney! Love all the pics. The sweet brother sister cuddling totally pulls at my heart strings. What precious gifts from God!