Monday, January 6, 2014

December Fun

Leading up to Christmas, we had plenty of activities to get us in the holiday spirit. 

The church where we are members in Crossville has The Living Christmas Tree every year. It's a massive tree, that the choir stands in and sings from throughout a gospel-centered performance. We attempted to take the twins last year, but they were way too young and ready for bed before the introduction was even over. 

This year, they managed a little better. They loved the singing, and would dance throughout it, but got a little antsy when the acting portion was happening. 

{daddy and james taking it all in}

{mattie rose and her momma mc}

{uncle micah even made an appearance}

{somehow we ended up without kiddos in our laps. need to document those moments.}

The next day, we celebrated Asher-man's 2nd birthday. Kayla had his party at a local tumbling/cheerleading center. It was probably the best idea ever. In one room there was a inflatable bounce house, and in the other room there were tunnels, slides, trampolines, bars, and balance beams. The twins are so active right now that they enjoyed every bit of it!

{this kid is pumped}

{concentration requires a tongue hanging out of the mouth}

{we loved bouncing on the trampoline}

{pure joy}


{she had a hard time staying on her feet}

{the wonder of a balloon}

{i'm not sure when they got old enough to eat a slice of pizza and drink capri-suns}

{loves his daddy}

{best buds}

{the birthday boy}

{it's a shame we don't like cupcakes}

{savoring every bite}

{he wasn't sure what he was doing, but he loved it}

{this little girl is fearless}

{future olympian}

{bubs wasn't quite as graceful}

{having so much fun!}

{after the party, we went to the siscos to relax a little and snuggle with maeve. mattie rose loved loving on her}

The following week, we started to get our butts in gear for Christmas!

{my little elves coloring while mommy wrapped presents}

And then there was the tacky sweater party for our youth group. I have been leading a small group for the 9th and 10th grade girls this school year, and it's been so fun. They are so fun and silly and keep me laughing. 

{james getting down in his jams}

{mattie rose and her buddy xander. who isn't too concerned with her...}

{this is what mommies who are involved with youth do...strap 'em down and give 'em some food}

{my girls. though we were missing a few.}

{emma and me. she was my shopping buddy for these awesome outfits.}

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