Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memphis Visit

Only two weeks after moving to Crossville, I couldn't help but head back to Memphis! Ha! I know, I know...I'm a baby. But trust me, there were valid reasons for the escape visit. :) Two weekends ago, I attended the women's conference put on by Downline Ministries. In case you didn't know, Kyle and I went through the Downline Institute our first year of marriage, and it was INCREDIBLE! Click their link to find out more! Your life will never be the same! Moving on (I could rave about Downline all day).... Then, last weekend was the Race for the Cure. Mom is now more than four years cancer-free, and we have no one to thank but our Ultimate Physician, Christ!

In between the two, the week was full of doctor's appointments, hair appointments, and visits with friends and family! I am too lazy to caption each picture today and fearful that the babies nap is about to be over, so just enjoy some pictures of my sweet niece Abbi (who is expecting baby sister Harper Claire in January whoop whoop!), boys only bath time with my growing-by-the-minute godson Declan, and sweet loving from Aunt Jennie. 

Happy Tuesday everyone! And although I feel like I am saying this all the time now, I'll say it again...CAN Y'ALL BELIEVE OCTOBER IS OVER????

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