Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Case You Were Curious

A lot of people were having trouble logging in to see wedding pictures (me included). So I thought I would post them on here and share a little bit of mine and Kyle's big day with everyone. Here are a few of my favorites. And by few, I mean MANY!

The Church: Throughout high school, this was my Wednesday night home. The main church is on Poplar, but senior high Bible study was held here at the Sanctuary on the Square.
My incredible bridesmaids made my a scrapbook with pictures and letters. I couldn't even look at it until the next day, because I knew it would make me cry. And it did.
Profile shot. Per request of my hairstylist. Tish at Classic Image in Collierville. She's goooood ladies!
This picture is so fake, but Alicia always does a really good job of making me laugh so it turned out wonderful...
Kyle gave his groomsmen handsome little pocket Bibles and wrote each of them a letter inside. I am sure if I had read all of them, I would have been in tears. He and his buddies have a closeness that extends beyond brotherhood.
Me and my adorable flower girls. They are hilarious and provided some much needed entertainment before the wedding. Sammye Kate is on the left and Avery Kate is on the right.
My HOTT momma! She looked better than I did that day, but let's be honest, she always does :)
My smoking hott bridesmaids...Love them all!
Again outside. Work it ladies!
The handsome men. Groomsmen and ushers.
Kyle and I did not see each other beforehand but I definitely wanted us to pray together before the ceremony. Not sure about him, but it definitely calmed me and got me so excited to see him too!
My mom and my little brother Kyle (same name). He looks thrilled huh? Haha...
Walking into the church to walk down the aisle...Garrett, our little ring bearer up front, Sammye Kate and her mom Audrey, and Mike and I. He helped carry my dress and everything!
Mike loves me! He's glad he has a girl to spoil! At least I'll keep telling myself that. The word "step-dad" just doesn't cut it for men like him...
Mike walked me down the first half of the aisle and then my dad walked me down the second half and gave me away.
He will probably never look at me this way ever again (haha).
Just love this one...
This is why you pay photographers a ton of money. To catch sweet moments like this.
Can you tell he was ready for that kiss!
Heading out...
The whole group! Are we blessed or what???
As much as Kyle and I did not want to see each other before the wedding, I was nervous that we would miss getting to spend time together just he and I. But that was no problem. We spent a good bit of time taking pictures by ourselves after the ceremony and that allowed for some special moments together.
I think this might be THE favorite out of all of them!
Love this one a lot too!
First dance. Crazy Love, Michael Buble cover.
Dancing with Mimi and Dee (Kyle's great aunt and uncle). We couldn't keep up with them. They are good!
We love cake. And we love to kiss. :)
Dancing with my dad.
Kyle and his sweet momma... She cries almost more than I do! It's a good thing I am surrounded by good company!
Phi Mu song... These women made four years of college unforgettable. There are a lot of stories in that circle. Most of which need to remain in that circle. :)
Kyle's SAE chant. I have never been so frightened in my life!
Gigi and Poppy. My dad's parents. They are nuts! In the best way possible. Our DJ, Mark Malatesta with Jordabella Entertainment, did this thing where he invited all the married couples out on the dance floor and cleared them out by years of marriage. These two were left standing. They crack me up.
Throwing the bouquet. You can call me Captain Obvious here.
He about flashed everyone trying to get the garter off. I was a little embarrassed.
My MOH Alicia and her husband Patrick. I was Alicia's MOH in her wedding three years ago. I just love this picture of them. And let me brag on Patrick for a minute... while we were taking pictures after the ceremony, sweet Patrick Wright was CLEANING the bride's room that we had destroyed. Are you kidding me??? Love him!
My dad's side of the family is Jewish and my uncle is Israeli. Makes for a great time. ALWAYS. They insisted they lifted me in a chair. Tradition. And who am I to go against tradition. Needless to say, it took my stomach! Headed home...I cried about a minute after this picture was taken. I wasn't ready for it all to end!

Clearly I am a fan of black and white pictures. I think because you can't see as many flaws in them :)

All pictures are courtesy of Mike Gagliano at Starlife Studios.

Hope you enjoyed! I did!


  1. Gorgeous, Courtney! And, yeah, I did blog-stalk my way around to your blog! I think I'm living near ya...High Point?