Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Patriotic Bach Beach Bash

My good friend Kimberly is getting married in August, and we celebrated her bachelorette party this past weekend in Destin.

Kyle and I had just gotten back late Monday night and I turned around and left again Thursday. I was sad to leave him so soon but very excited about a weekend with the girls! I don't know what we are going to do when everyone is done getting married. We are going to have to find other excuses to see so much of each other.

I was horrible about taking pictures all weekend, so sorry, friends, for stealing yours :)

Saturday morning, we woke up to a wonderful breakfast followed by a lingerie shower. Anytime we can have a shower in pajamas, I'm game! I did actually take a bunch of pictures during that, but just in case Nathan reads this (which I highly doubt), we need to keep things a surprise!
Catching some rays on the beach...Luckily, no tar balls!
Getting ready to head out...Red, white, and blue. A very patriotic group of gals! We love America!
Mrs. Patty surprised everyone with a limo!!!! It was so much fun!

We had so much fun this weekend which made for a very long drive home for me! Well worth it!


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  1. don't worry, court, deeno isn't getting married until she's 35 so you'll have that one to look forward to :) your blog is cute - let's do dinner soon since we didn't get to hang at the beach! - rachael