Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Touches

Sunday after church, Kendall and I made a quick little run to Garden Ridge, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Macy's. Kyle and I still have some gift cards lying around and our walls and windows are empty, so the girls went shopping. I was under strict advisement to spend only gift cards. I sadly agreed. One day. One day....

I did manage to find some cute little things that just happened to be on sale. Just little touches. Nothing to drastically change the way our sad, bare walls look, but just little things to begin to make this house feel a little more like our home.

I bought the same panels in two different colors. Just to see. During the day, the green ones just faded into the walls, which are this butter yellow kind of color. So we, and by we I mean I, stuck with the burnt orange ones. It's hard to tell but the pillows in the couch sort of have the same color thread running through them.
I hate where the tv is and how big it is (Kyle says a tv can't be too big). But this is the ONLY place in the living room it can go. What do ya do? That strange yellow panel in the middle window, don't ask. They were there when we moved in, and when I have the time, it's coming down.
Close up of the fabric. These are just cheap little curtains from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I dream of the day when we own our own home and I can make custom curtains :) Oh, to dream.
Then at Macy's we stumbled upon two little clearance tables of decorative pieces. I found the tall vase first and when I saw that it was 50% off, I got really happy. Then I found the gray bowl, which wasn't on the table, but was also half off! Even happier. So I bought both of these and we were on our way out of the store.
And on the way out, we walked by this pretty plate. We weren't sure if it was on sale, but the sweet man helping us earlier said if it wasn't half off, he'd give me the discount anyway. Why doesn't this ever happen when you're clothes shopping? It did however ring up half off so, SOLD!

All three pieces are sitting on my new table waiting for pretty picture frames to adorn the wall above it. Soon I keep telling myself.

Lunch break is over. Back to studying. Misery.


  1. Cute blog! Looks like you are new to blogging just like me! I found you through Keeping up with the Joneses! Anyways I wish I had a more comforting comment but we ( the BF and I) have lived together for a year and still the wall behind our couch is BARE and it kills me every day..cannot for the life of us agree on what should go there and of course my idea of what we should spend is different than his hahah...glad to see someone else trying to make a home working on the details little by little too! Welcome to blogging!