Friday, March 2, 2012

WeeklyUpdate: Week 23

Week 23 came and went. Just like that. Time is really starting to fly, and I cannot even imagine how quickly it will continue to go.

We spent last weekend (the weekend we hit 23 weeks), down in the delta. The months of March and April are going to be crazy for us, and I have decided it would be best for me not to travel during May and June...just in case. So this past weekend was really the only weekend left for us to take a trip down south to visit with Kyle's family.

We stayed with Kyle's mamaw and had a wonderful brunch with his aunt, uncle, and cousins. While Kyle took Jake out to run at the levee, I went with his cousins Jessica and Laura and Aunt Carol to do some shopping in downtown Cleveland. I must proudly let you know that I did not purchase ONE. SINGLE. THING.

Below are a few pictures of Jake being Jake. We didn't do such a hot job of taking pictures of the family.

{pointing those birds}

{taking a little dip}

{wet dog}

And here is your weekly belly pic. We just keep growing. :)

Thursday morning we had another doctor's visit. I must say, I LOVE going to the doctor. I don't like waiting. I don't like paying my ultrasound copay. I don't like stepping on the scale. But I do love that we get ultrasounds EVERY time we go. The beauty of having twins!

These two were cutting up this time. Typically, they cooperate well and pose for their pictures giving us a good look at their sweet faces. However, this time they were kids just being kids. They were either playing with each other or they were fighting. Please look at these pictures below and feel free to laugh because we were cracking up when we saw this:

{this is our sweet baby james' face. and just to his left is his sisters bottom!!! yes, she was sticking her butt in his face. if you look in the bottom left you can see her leg and foot - she is sitting frog-legged}

{and just as soon as we tried to get a picture of mattie rose's face, james decided to shove his foot in her face - you can see her ear and beside it, his big ole foot}

{while our 4D attempts to get a good look at their faces failed, they sure did give a good profile pic in 2D - james is on the left and mattie rose on the right}

Updates from the MD:
-Mattie Rose weighs 1 lb 8 oz. James weighs 1 lb 7 oz. They have basically doubled in size since the last visit.
-Their hearts are still looking good as well as their brains and abdomens.
-According to the tape measure, I am measuring the same as a 30-week single pregnancy. That's right, a 7 week difference.
-I have gained 20 pounds so far. I guess this is right on track for two. They haven't said anything about, so I take no news as good news.
-My blood pressure is the best I think it has ever been in my life. Ha. Kind of ironic. But that is great news, because the thought of preeclampsia scares me to death.
-Mattie Rose is positioned head down. James is a little more transverse.

Next visit will be our 28 week visit. That means the dreaded gestational diabetes test. I have watched several women guzzle that drink down, cringing as they do so. Hopefully, I can get it down quick, keep it down, and pass that test!

This weekend calls for a little pampering followed by some hard work. I am in huge need of some hair-apy. The rest of the weekend will be spent working on the nursery. We have curtain rods to hang, cribs to assemble, and clothes to put away. I will post some nursery pictures after we get a little more work done in there.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stays safe with all this crazy weather!

Love to you all!

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