Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Update - One Week Late

This weekend we hit 23 weeks, which makes it 4 weeks since I have last updated. Time is flying, and I am not quite sure where to.

So let's go back to week 22. Not sure where we were at for 20 and 21. Busy I suppose.

Okay, week 22!

Leading up to that week, we got to celebrate Valentine's Day. I used to HATE Valentine's Day. I didn't understand it. I thought it was ridiculous to have one day out of the year where you are supposed to let the ones you love know it. It seemed as if single people got left out and was just a punch-in-the-stomach reminder of being single. Yada, yada, yada....

But the past few years, I see that the opportunities to express love extend beyond just a significant other or a parent or friends. We have the opportunity to show others, whether it be acquaintances, co-workers, or complete strangers something they may not ever get from anyone or anywhere else.

And yes, even though my husband does a great job of keeping me informed just how much he loves me on a regular basis, it does give me butterflies to be remembered on a "Hallmark holiday."

I woke up to a huge box of chocolates (perfection for this pregnant lady) and sweet cards with a tear-jerking hand-written note inside. Off to work I went...

Around mid-morning these beauties arrived at work for me:

{a dozen red roses}

{not from kyle, but from my sweet children - let's not talk about how many kleenex i went through after seeing this}

{sweet pink and blue bows and rattles}

The following Saturday marked 22 weeks!

Kayla and I headed out for a day of shopping, trying to find some steals for Asher and James and Mattie Rose. Oh yeah, William "yet to have a middle name" McShan finally has one. It's James, and that's what we will call him! After finding some great deals, we headed back to the Sisco's for some chili and time with friends and babies.

Asher and I had some serious bonding time that night, and I must say he looooves me! We just giggle and laughed together and then snoozed a little too.

{nothing cuter than a laughing baby in nothing but a diaper}

{and nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby}

{quick belly pic - the black is rather slimming compared to the blue shirt in the posts below}

And since we are still (and will most likely remain) on the topic of babies for a while, I am so happy to share some other news!!! My dear friend Kimberly, who was my roommate and sorority sister in college, finally announced that she is having a baby too!!!!! She is about 10 weeks behind me and due the beginning of September! It has been so nice and fun and exciting to be able to share such a sweet time with several of my dear friends who are getting to experience it too!

Will try to get week 23's update on here ASAP...

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

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