Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Girl In The Big Easy

This past weekend, Kyle and I ventured on down to the Big Easy. I haven't been to New Orleans since college and was quickly reminded why after this weekend. I am just not cut out for all the late night fun, especially while being six months pregnant! My cousin Rachel and Michael were married on Saturday. And if you know or have read anything about my family, you know that we know how to have a good time and get loud. Well, we just stay loud....

We arrived in New Orleans super late Thursday night and crashed. Friday morning, we woke up early and headed to breakfast with my dad and Kim. We ate breakfast at Oceana and then wandered throughout the French Quarter, strolling and browsing.

One thing I was amazed by were all the used book stores. This one particularly caught our eye so we had to check it out...

{love the huge old doors}

{there were so many stacks and towers of old books i could barely fit my growing belly through the shop}

We made our way into Jackson Square...

{james and mattie rose getting a little culture before they take their first breaths}

Later that day we met up with my aunt, uncle, three cousins, and Gigi and Poppy and hopped on the street car for a stroll through the Garden District. If I had gobs of money and lived in Nola, this is where I would live. I am not sure who wouldn't want to. It was gorgeous!!!

We made our way to the cemetery and learned a little history along the way...

{as morbid as it may appear, it was rather beautiful}

Saturday morning, Kyle and I headed to the lower Ninth Ward to check out the new developments since Hurricane Katrina. We were able to see and learn much about Brad Pitt's project down there called Make It Right. Different modern architects have joined with other suppliers who are donating goods and services to build new eco-friendly, highly-efficient homes for many who lost theirs during the hurricane. Check out the link...It's pretty neat!

All the sight-seeing and walking around worked up an appetite. Since it was a little rainy and chilly, nothing sounded better than beignets and cafe au lait! Where else is there to go in Nola other than Cafe du Monde. D-E-L-I-S-H!

{i should have brought some back with me}

Back to Friday night...

After the rehearsal, everyone who was invited to the wedding got together at Tipitina's for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

{the bride and me}

{me and my cousin nikki}


{this picture doesn't show it, but i managed to wear wedges ALL night. i was rather proud of myself}

{my cousin ashley and me}

{ashley, me, and my aunt mindy}

After a gorgeous ceremony on Saturday night, we got the party started!

{the nachum crew minus alex}

{the belly was rubbed all weekend}

{dad and me}


{first dance}

{toast from the father of the bride- my dad's twin cliff}

{taking it all in}

{father-daughter dance}

{me and my groom}

{gigi and poppy - almost 60 years of marriage}

{mom, me, and brother}



{the sisters i never had, my dear cousins}


{after a long night of dancing - i was so nervous about going into pre-term labor from all the dancing}

{silliness - mattie rose and james LOVED the music. they were kicking up at storm all night. though they may have just been confused why mom was up so late instead of being asleep by 9:00 like normal}

The time change messed everyone up Sunday morning, so we all met a little later for breakfast.

{last few minutes before saying goodbye}

Kyle and I headed home not too long after brunch and I kept feeling as if I forgot something. And today I realized what it was. When Kyle came home from work tonight, he made the comment, "I miss everyone already." I couldn't have agreed more. Though my soul is filled after spending such sweet time with family, my heart breaks just a little each time we have to say goodbye. Each family has its own dysfunction and craziness, but at the end of the day I am not sure if I have ever met a family as a whole who loves harder or is more passionate than mine! And though no outsider may ever understand the dynamics of our family, it works for us....

Congratulations again Michael and Rachel! I love you both and cannot wait to watch your family grow over the years!

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