Sunday, March 25, 2012

Battle of the Bumps: Who Wore It Best?

Let me start this post by saying how enjoyable pregnancy is. I really do mean this. It is rather difficult to put into words what it feels like to carry about two growing humans inside of you. To feel them turn over. To feel them kick. To feel them playing with one another. There is nothing quite like it. To know that I (with God's sovereignty) am responsible for keeping my body a temple to help them grow and develop appropriately. What a huge responsibility and blessing for a woman.

Now....on the other hand :) With all that being said, pregnancy is also a very emotionally and physically exhausting season for a women. And if anyone every tells you differently, they are either lying to you or to themselves. Your body is not your own. You have absolutely no control over the changes it goes through. You WILL gain weight. Your belly button WILL change. Your hips WILL ache. Your hormones WILL make you (or your spouse) crazy. You WILL cry. You WILL feel ugly at times.

So today, I have decided to make light of all the "negatives" of pregnancy. Which really when it comes down to it have absolutely no worth compared to the miracle and artistry of what the Lord is doing inside your and your little one(s) bodies.

I have been very lucky to have several friends that have recently given birth and who have been so kind and generous to pass some maternity clothes my way...I'm not sure what is more expensive at this point, preparing for the baby or trying to remain as stylish as possible when you are gaining more and more weight as the days pass.

I am not one for reading beauty magazines or celeb dirt. Quite frankly, I just don't have the time. But in keeping with US Weekly's battle of repeat outfits on celebrities, WHO WORE IT BEST? :)

{here we have kayla, at 25 weeks pregnant, donning a grey and red jersey knit, empire-waist dress with a cowel neck-beautiful}

{and here we have me, 27 weeks pregnant, playing copy-cat :) }

I vote 100% Kayla wore it best, with her glowing skin, beautiful blond locks, and skinny-minnie arms!

Kayla, I LOVE you to pieces and am so thankful for and blessed by our friendship! Thank you for not making me feel psychotic during this crazy time!

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  1. I love this. I love you. I 100% think that you wore it best. =)