Thursday, March 3, 2011

Preparing for Little Declan

A couple of my very best friends are getting ready to let sweet baby Declan enter the world. In only 4 more weeks!!! Last weekend, I had the pleasure, along with four other of Alicia's friends, to host a couples baby shower for the soon-to-be mommy and daddy!

The hostesses with the spread
Take another look at our awesome spread!
My creation and part of my gift to them. You would never guess that there are literally 100 diapers making up that cake! Declan's nursery bedding has jungle animals on it so I went with the same theme on the diaper cake in case they wanted to keep it together in his nursery for a while...
Funfetti cupcakes just make everything better!
Mommy and Daddy
We were unsure if we should incorporate games into the shower, but decided to go with the one game that Alicia was hoping we wouldn't...The Dirty Diaper! Warning: the pictures below may make you a little green...

10 diapers filled with 10 different melted candy bars...
The Crawfords getting in on the action!
Pat taking it just a little too far!
Mike (Pat's brother), Kyle, and Jeanette (Pat's mom) contemplating...
Gift time!!!! Alicia so excited about the swaddle blankets I got her. She literally had a dream where she was freaking out because the baby came and there were no swaddle blankets to be found. I suppose this is why we are such good friends: we know how to calm each other down! :)
Monkeys all around.
Just so happened that Mississippi State was playing UT in basketball last Saturday night. And it just so happened that it was Jack Cristil's last game to announce. And it just so happened that they were several State grads there. And it just so happened that the game was on during the time Pat and Alicia were opening gifts. GO DAWGS!
Maids of Honor (and Declan)
Hostesses: everyone needed to rub the belly!
Our husbands are silly... And we like it that way!

Pat and Alicia, we cannot wait to meet our nephew!!! You guys are going to be wonderful parents! I am so glad that we live so close to each other too so we don't get to miss a moment. Well, at least the ones where he is crying in the middle of the night, explodes in his diaper, and when Gidge and Wiley freak out when the attention isn't all on them! Just kidding! Thick and thin!

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