Monday, March 14, 2011

Declan's Big Debut

This weekend was a big one!

Saturday morning, I had to go to a class at Baptist Memphis. About an hour into the class or so, Alicia texted me to let me know she was at Baptist Women's (which is right next door) and thought that this was it....that Declan was on his way!

As soon as my class was over, I called security to come pick me up and take me to the women's hospital!

They had admitted Alicia, given her her epidural, and when I got there she was relaxed and waiting. Only three people were allowed in the room at a time. So why not enjoy a petit four in the meantime. Side note: Alicia was supposed to have a baby shower on Sunday!

Pre-Declan's grand entrance...

While visiting with Pat and Alicia before the delivery, they asked if I would stay and take pictures of Declan once he was out and all...Of course, right!

Well that stand-by job turned into the most action packed two hours of my life! Without going into details (which I am sure Alicia appreciates), I got to witness the birth of my best friend's first child!

And when I say it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, I mean it! I absolutely cannot understand how those who do not believe in God can continue not to believe in Him after witnessing the birth of a child... To see their perfectly formed little fingernails and tiny delicate eyelashes just reminds me of the perfectness and intention that God designs us with!

Enjoy some pictures. These are all off my iPhone. I was so busy taking pictures with their camera, I slacked on taking my own. Once they share their pictures with everyone, I will post a few...

Proud Mama shortly after delivery

After getting a bath...So fresh and so clean!

So happy!!! He has his momma's dimples!

Proud Aunt Courtney! And proud Godmother Courtney! Later that night, Pat and Alicia asked if I would be Declan's godmother...I was elated! What an honor to be responsible for assisting in the spiritual growth and maturation of this sweet boy!

Babies make me happy!

Kyle's going to be such a good daddy one day!

Needless to say, this weekend was incredible!!!!

Pat and Alicia, I am so proud of the two of you! I love you both dearly and I cannot wait to see how your wonderful new addition enhances the love you have for each other and the love for family!

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