Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tennessee Thanksgiving

The Saturday following Thanksgiving, Kyle and I along with Steven and Paige, headed east to Knoxville for football time in Tennessee...Please try to control your stomach when you see me sporting that hideous color. :)

Early early on the strip.
Steven and Paige. She's a Kentucky and knows what it feels like to be surrounded by Vols. It can be tough.
Early morning Moe's. Burritos at 10 AM...Why not?
Me and the man.
Splitting the T.
It was a little chilly in the shade. God bless Hot hands.
He's so into the game, he won't even smile for a picture.
One of the few things I love about UT football. Petro's! It's pretty much a Frito pie but waaayyy better. And they have sweet tea with a hint of orange which is oh so good!
UT win=happy husband.
Post game photo-op.

No fear Bulldog fans. I IMMEDIATELY changed into maroon when we got home to watch the dawgs whoop up on Ole Miss. No greater feeling. And for that we head to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl! Go dawgs!

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