Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday Boy

The McShans have had a busy, busy week. So for the sake of not overloading everyone in one post, I'll just break it down bit by bit over the next few posts.

Last Wednesday was Kyle's 29th birthday. O.L.D. OLD! Tuesday night my mom cooked a steak and baked potato dinner. His choice. We celebrated at my parents' house with steak and cake. Which I am so grateful for, because work about killed me last week, and I definitely had no time for grocery shopping, much less cooking.

Yellow cake with chocolate icing. His favorite. Add some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and you have perfection.

Reading a sweet card from the in-laws.

Best Buy gift card! Bam!

After a long, busy day for the both of us...

When it comes to birthdays/Christmas/any occasion involving receiving gifts, I have no patience with opening gifts. Kyle was hell-bent on not opening his presents until his actual birthday on Wednesday, but I coerced him into opening them before we went to bed Tuesday night.

Braves hat (that was a little too big) and glo (an interactive Bible program for the computer).

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. God willing, I can't wait to celebrate 80 more together. I love you!

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