Monday, November 29, 2010

Overindulging in Crossville

Fortunately, figuring out how to split holidays for our first year of marriage wasn't all that tough. We agreed to spend Thanksgiving in Crossville with his family and Christmas in our home together and then with my family.

I got off work early Wednesday afternoon and drove down to the delta to pick up Kyle's grandmother. Once we got back to Memphis, we finished packing up the car and headed to Crossville. We didn't get there until late late late that night. Slept in just a little bit on Thursday and then were up and at it, ready to eat.
I tried to get Kyle's little brother Micah to take a picture with me. He doesn't like to have his picture taken, therefore I got taken down.
Brotherly, sisterly love I suppose.
Ladies first.
After we ate lunch, Kyle and I drove around town with his brother and dad looking at land and houses. The thought of moving away from Memphis becomes more real every day, so the time has come to begin to embrace it with open arms. Tough feat. But cute farm like houses like this one make it a little easier.
Possible site of a future McShan home. Crossville dreaming I suppose. It was gorgeous. For the sake of keeping our hopes and dreams a potential reality, I am under strict orders by the hubs not to reveal locations. I'm so unfamiliar with the area that my best shot at describing location would probably place you on the complete other side of the county anyhow.
Our first married Thanksgiving.
Friday was spent in meetings and shopping. Saturday was a day of football, Vols game in Knoxville and a Bulldog win watched from the comfort of the couch that night.

Sunday we made the journey back to Memphis. We had to take Kyle's grandmother back to the delta, but first made a stop to see his cousin Nikki, her husband Billy, and their oh-so-stinkin' cute baby girl Riley. She's a climber and has lots of rolls. I love her chubby little self. She was pulling up on the furniture and would walk around as long as she had two fingers to hold on to.
Ignoring Kyle ruining the picture, Riley LOVES her Mississippi State Bulldogs. And I love that her parents have some sense! :) She loves her cowbells and definitely showed me how she rings them!
Riley and her cousin Kyle.
And kisses from her cousin Courtney make her giggle.
It was so good to get to see the Herbison's. While waiting to meet Kyle's uncles for dinner, we got to watch this pretty delta sunset. The clouds were crazy and the sun was bright orange! Beautiful!
All in all, wonderful holiday. We are wiped out from all the driving, but it was well worth it.
How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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