Sunday, December 5, 2010

Missing Mississippi

After not having attended one State football game this year, I have been having some serious withdrawals from Mississippi and the from the sweet people who shaped my life during my time spent there.

The special occasion for the trip was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Katie and Clay. Katie is the younger sister of one of my dear friends, Kimberly (who needs to stop stalking people's blogs and start her own. I write this because I know she's reading haha). Kimberly was married in August, and Katie was engaged shortly thereafter.

Katie is probably one of the funniest people I know. She is laid-back, always down for a good time, and has the awesome ability to laugh at herself. Love her!

The theme for the party was a stock-the-bar/tacky Christmas. The guys attending were instructed to bring stock-the-bar type gifts, and the ladies were to bring Christmas type gifts. I, of course, missed this little detail. But I know Katie will get a good laugh out of mine :)

I drove down to Jackson Friday after work and spent the night with my little sis from Phi Mu, Megan. Her husband is in the air national guard and had to fly out last minute so we had a little slumber party. It was nice to relax, enjoy a glass of wine, and catch up. Saturday morning we had brunch at Primo's. A-MAZING! Great coffee too! We then went and got our nails done for the night. $16 to have nails and toenails shaped, filed, buffed, and painted. Wish I could find deals like that in Memphis! After that we headed back to her house, where the party was taking place. I helped her set up along with a few of the hostesses.

Here are some pictures from the shindig!

Megan's idea, my masterpiece :) Rudolph brownies...
The outside setup...
Eat, drink, and be merry...
Megan is a whiz with photo-shopping faces and using face in hole. This is a picture of Katie and Clay that was on the table outside.
Yummy desserts.
Inside spread. Again, another collection of face in hole pictures! Hilarious!
Other side of the spread.
More decorations.
What Christmas party would be complete without presents under the tree?
Little Saint Nick swinging from the chandelier.
Emma was the mastermind behind our outfits. Actual tree skirts wrapped around to make an actual skirt. Combine that with green tights and antlers and we're good to go!
Bows in the back.
Me and Kimberly. Sister of the bride-to-be.
Me and Molly.
Me and Megan. Big/Lil.
Me and the bride-to-be, Katie!
Me and Darah. Miss this sweet girl terribly.
Darah and her boyfriend Chris. Chris is responsible for the fun times we had in college at Mugshots Bar and Grille.
Group shot of the ladies. My antlers were blocking Katie. Sorry Katie!
So we took another...
And for good laughs, this just had to be posted!
Great weekend with great friends! I need more of these in my life! Love you all!

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  1. I just laughed out loud at this post! haha you know I LOVE to stalk a good blog.