Monday, December 20, 2010

Best Friends, Baby Girls, and Baptisms

My best and oldest friend Kati, along with her husband Patrick and baby girl Abbigail, is in town for several weeks over the holiday. Patrick is in the air force, and they are stationed in Wichita Falls, Texas. So it's not very often that they get to come home. In fact, the last time they were home was for my wedding.

Kati was 8 months pregnant at the time of our wedding and completely rocked her bridesmaids dress with that sweet baby in her belly. Abbigail was born just a month later. And I FINALLY got to meet her for the first time last Thursday.

I made dinner, set the table, and everything. My mother would have been proud. (In fact, she was..especially after I called a million times with a bunch of questions regarding the chicken I was planning on cooking.)

We got to spend some much needed quality time together. It's moments like these that make your life full.
Here is the little sweet cheeks playing her piano on Mommy and Daddy's ipad. She's a prodigy.
Opening Christmas presents from Aunt Courtney and Uncle Kyle.
OOOOOoooo Golden Books! I had a collection of these growing up and remember reading them over and over. And being the nerd I am, of course I'm going to be the dorky aunt who buys books instead of cool toys that light up and make lots of noise.
This is the face that says, "Ok, enough pictures guys."
Sunday was Abbigail's baptism at Incarnation Catholic Church. Kati had asked me to be the stand-in godmother for Abbi (godparents must be Catholic), since her friend Diana was unable to make it. Her husband was in a terrible car accident, so many prayers are needed their way during this tough time.
Kati and Patrick were married at Incarnation. And the priest who is now there actually married Patrick and Alicia, where I was Alicia's maid of honor. Small world.
Abbi was sleeping before it all began. Then she woke up. Smart girl. She wasn't going to be asleep when holy water and oil were about to be put on her head.
She did so well during the entire ceremony. I think she liked being the center of attention.
Clearly, I was excited that my sweet little niece is now part of the body of Christ.
15 years of friendship leads to unforgettable moments like this. (Can you tell we've known each other for a long time...coordinating without planning like we used to do in elementary school)
And the hubs. We're getting better at finding opportune times to take pictures together. He loves sweet little Abbigail. And afterward, while at a little reception, I promise he said these words to me: "Let me hold her, you've had her the entire time. I haven't gotten to hold her." Haha. He's going to be a great daddy one day...One day.

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