Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crossville Christmas

We have had a FUN weekend. Much needed to say the least.

Kyle's birthday was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. His parents gave him (and by him, I mean us) Titans/Colts tickets.

It was cold. Very cold. Fortunately, we had good preparation after going to the UT game several weeks earlier.

Val, my boss, hooked me up with a sweet Colts scarf.

Kyle and at LP Field.
Paige and Steven were with us as well. She bought him tickets for his birthday too. This is why they are best friends.
We were surrounded by Titans fans, except for a crazy lady two rows behind us that I am sure our entire section wanted to kill. Luckily, we found a Titans fan kind enough to take our picture.
This guy (who looks a lot like my husband) was pumped!
Cold and tired. Yet all smiles.
We headed to Crossville for the weekend to have early Christmas with Kyle's family. Since we spent Thanksgiving with his family, we will spend Christmas with mine. We had to exchange gifts at some point. And I wasn't going to be the one to suggest waiting until after...
The McShan's Christmas tree. The bottom half of the ornaments are missing because Duchess, the boxer, decided to eat them while she was home alone.
The stockings were too heavy to be hung :)
We celebrated Christmas early last year with us each other. I can't wait to spend Christmas Day, together, married.
Ramona's big gift! She was shocked!
Bruce and his big gift! The Judge! This pistol shoots shotgun size shells. (I'm learning a lot these days) Bad gun for a bad man.
I'm just a little excited about my gift from Jonathan and Micah. A gift certificate to The Screen Door, a super cute shop in Crossville.
I have been wanting a chalkboard for my house and was pleasantly surprised to unwrap this! It's a chalkboard with a sliding bulletin board section. The chalkboard is magnetic (which I think all chalkboards are but I can't remember that far back to elementary school). And then there are several hooks on the bottom...I love a functional gift!
And when I thought it couldn't get any better, I unwrapped this gorgeous Kate Spade for a true blue Christmas! :)
Micah loves his saw from his favorite sister!
And Jonathan loves his new work clothes!
Kyle working it in his new North Face Summitt series. That I can't wait to borrow. Muhahaha.
I love stocking stuffers! Especially gifts that resemble past presidents :)
Remember how I told you how much I loved Petro's? Well, I got some mix for their "Hint of Orange" Sweet Tea. This stuff is legit!
Brothers in matching pjs. Kyle, the oddball.
Duchess was worn out. And disappointed she didn't get her gifts early like everyone else.
And Lady just lies content with it all.
After church in Crossville, we packed it up and headed home. In this...
People were driving sooo slow. But I suppose I can't complain when people are playing it safe, especially over the holidays...

We made it home, safe and sound. And with LOTS of Christmas cards in the mailbox. I love this time of year!


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