Sunday, June 12, 2011

El Salvador 2011

This is bound to be the longest post I have ever and probably will ever write...

But I have to share with you what I have been asking for prayers for... My trip to El Salvador!

We left early Saturday, May 28th for El Salvador. We arrived around noon and then sat in customs for a couple of hours while they decided if they wanted to let us in with our medicines. This will be an extensive array of pictures that don't do the trip justice, but will give you a good idea of what went on...

Sitting in customs with mounds of luggage full of meds

Lunch/Dinner at a steakhouse before heading to the Oasis Church in Santa Ana

Rear view mirror on the bus we had for the week

The bus got stuck so our manly men had to get out and push a little

There they are!

On the way to Santa Ana

More on the way

Two of the gifts we received once we got to the church

As well as coconut milk

Some of the members from the Oasis church in Texistepeque

The youth in the church put on several performances for us

Another performance

More of the youth singing

Pastor Mauricio welcoming everyone (love this man)

Pastor William from the church plant in Texistepeque

Me, Jessica, and Jennifer in our hand-made cowboy hats

Sunday afternoon, Travis and Brent had the chance to speak/preach at the church in Texistepeque. Here is the front door.

Preaching. Speaking truth.

The group after...

Travis and Brent with David, the translator.

Inside of the church in Texistepeque.

The Catholic Church in Texistepeque. Over 400 years old.

On the road to La Magdalena, where we held two days of clinic.

They greeted us with "chariots" and a parade.

The ladies on their chariot.

Some of the men.

Some of the locals watching.

The poor cows. Breaks my heart.

They even had the military band leading the way.

Our PT set-up in La Magdalena.

The PT clinic in LaMagdalena.

Sweet faces.

Aby, my translator for the week, and I.

This is a plantation house on a sugar cane factory in La Magdalena where we had lunch both days.

The sugar cane factory.

Travis working hard.

My sweet little friend, Debora and I.

Being silly showing off the coco candies she gave me at church on Sunday.

One of the sweet families I had the pleasure to treat.

Doing PT on my knees. No high-low tables here.

Debora, me, and Marlyn

Closing ceremony at La Magdalena.

Dr. Tom with some closing remarks.

Dinner at Lover's Steakhouse. The location changed since the last time I was in El Salvador, but still just as good!

Trav and I.

Jennifer and I.

Trav getting ready to lose the bet!

The damage done. But he still lost the bet.


PT setup in Texistepeque. We took over city hall.

The dental clinic at Texistepeque.

Some of the children from Compassion International.

Sweet faces again. Meet Joshua.

Brent and I. The brave PTs.

This is the "farm house" we ate lunch at in Texistepeque. It was gorgeous.

A sweet patient of mine.

Teaching a pelvic tilt is difficult enough in English. Explaining in Spanish is tougher. Thank God I had Aby all week helping me!

Patti, me, Jennifer, and Jessica at a papusa restaurant in Santa Ana.

Where the papusas are made.

The set-up.


Since we completed our Downline training a little over a month ago, I was asked to speak twice to the women of the church. Once to a group of mothers and the other to another group of the women. Very humbling yet encouraging experiencing to share the gospel with others.

I got to see Debora after my morning talk.

This sweet lady had a stroke that paralyzed her entire left side of her body. She told me she would trade a photo with her for the wheelchair. I gladly obliged.

The group of women who I spoke to on Thursday night.

This was Elisa and her grandson Kevin. She was one of my patients two years ago.

Brent and I with Marvin and Aby, the two best translators!

A patient of mine, Gladys. She offered her home to me if I wanted to return to Texistepeque for vacation :)

Group of the girls.

Aby and I again. I just love her to pieces.

We had discussed how we were going to make funny faces for this picture. Seems I got left hanging...

This sweetheart followed all the ladies around all week.

Emy and I. She rocks! Welcomed me with a smile, hug, and kiss on the cheek EVERY morning.

Yolanda and I. She made me two gorgeous bracelets while we were there.

Carmen and I.

Mauricio, me, Mama Nellie, and Brent

This sweet face didn't want to take a picture with me, only wanted to play trucks.

But he smiled for this one.

Some of the student translators.

Sweet Emy.

Hugs from Mauricio at the closing ceremony in Texistepeque.

Gifts. Guavas and coffee.

Closing ceremony at Texistepeque.

The whole crew. Love each and every one of these folks.

Friday night we headed to the Pacific Coast to relax for a day at DeCameron. View from breakfast.

Massage. Ahhhh...

Travis after he got roasted from the sun.

Jennifer, Jessica, and me.

It's way too late at night for me to go into details about the entire trip, but I promise over the next two weeks or so, I will post little stories here and there about another incredible experience.

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  1. Courtney, I was doing a search on El Salvador - getting some stuff together to put up a site for our mission trip fund-raiser. Our team from Dahlonega, GA was just there in late February. Some of the same places and faces ;-). Thanks for sharing! Be well, Steve