Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Year Down...

Sunday marked a milestone for the McShans...

Our FIRST anniversary!

Kyle had instructed me to take Friday off of work, and then he cleverly arranged for me to somehow not have patients scheduled on me for Thursday afternoon. I thought I was having to cover at one of our other clinics. So Thursday afternoon, we drove to Nashville to catch a flight. I had no idea where we were going. All I knew was to pack sundresses, sandals, and a swimsuit. Even when we were going through security, Kyle wouldn't even let me hold my own boarding pass. He tried so hard to keep it a surprise until we got to the gate.

And this is where we were going:

{Fort Lauderdale in case you can't read my blurry picture}

{pretty sunset on the way down south}

{rockin' them beats}

When we got to Fort Lauderdale, I asked if the hotel we were staying at had a shuttle or car service that would be picking us up. Kyle told me yes, but that we had to walk downstairs near baggage claim to meet them. As we were going down the escalator, this is who I saw:

{my gigi waiting with two happy anniversary balloons. she and poppy were our ride to the hotel-second big surprise}

When we got to our room, this was waiting on us:

{champagne and chocolate covered strawberries-was supposed to be from my dad and kim but the hotel decided they wanted to take credit- long story}

The hotel we were stayed at was B. Ocean. It was right on A1A. Right in front of the beach. Right where I needed to be.

{shot of the room}

{very comfy bed}

{fun chocolate brown couch}

{view from one window}

{view from the other}

{friday morning we had breakfast in the b'stro-everything was called b-something. i was just in love with the clean lines and how the mixed solid wood tables with more modern chairs-very chic}

{yummy breakfast}

{shot of the front of the hotel where my beach chair remained all day friday}

{the water was gorgeous}

{sand in my toes and not a care in the world}

{comparing this picture to one from our honeymoon a year ago-we have become a little larger and a little more pale-but we're happy and that's all that matters}

Friday night we decided to have dinner with Gigi and Poppy. But not before a quick photo shoot in the lobby.

{the walls were textured with some sort of plaster creation and then color-changing lights for a dramatic effect}

{poppy, me, and gigi}

{the four of us-hopefully we can make it to 57 years of marriage like the two of them}

{dinner at Cafe de Paris on Las Olas-the waiter brought us chocolate mousse with a candle to celebrate}

{we were pressured into doing this :) }

After a long day in the sun on Friday, we slept in Saturday. We both had gotten a little too much sun the day before and decided that laying out was not in the cards for Saturday. We had lunch at a cute little diner/dive next behind the hotel. Crab salad sandwiches for lunch! Delish!

{love florida colors}

{my amazing groom}

{and his not-so-bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed wife}

After lunch we decided to take a water taxi tour through the Intercoastal Waterway. I have never seen such huge houses with more expensive yachts parked out front in my life.

The water taxi makes several stops along the waterway. We decided to get out and walk up and down Las Olas to do some shopping (more like window shopping-everything was outrageously expensive).

{we stopped for some ice cream at kilwin's-sooo good. i think they have one in gatlinburg}

{the shop just looked and smelled like heaven- homemade chocolates and fudge}

{say hello to tommy bahama}

Saturday night we ventured out for dinner, just the two of us. I got bored waiting for Kyle so I decided to snap a picture in the entryway to our room, but Kyle must have said something funny from the side.



{lobby of the hotel-it's tough trying to get someone else to take your picture}

{where we at saturday night-casablanca cafe-probably one of the best meals i have ever had}

Before checking out on Sunday, we had one last breakfast at the hotel. The best french toast I have ever put in my mouth!

{french toast covered with powdered sugar and sauteed, yes sauteed, berries}

Since we had to check out at 11 and our flight didn't leave until 7, we spent the day with Gigi and Poppy at their condo. Their downstairs neighbors and good friends Bob and Sheila were having a Father's Day lunch, so we ate and spent some time with them for a while.


After we finished lunch, Gigi and I went through all of her closets digging out some hidden treasures! I played dress-up and Kyle took pictures.

{this dress gigi had custom-made for my dad and uncle's bar mitzvah when they were 13. they are 53 now. you do the math}

{picture to prove}


{cranberry, ankle-length raincoat made by French designer Louis Feraud, which if I remember is from the 50's}

{moving along the 80's, we have this stunning silver belted-dress-it fit like a glove. gigi said she was glad that it fit me so well or else no one would have believed how skinny she was. i took that as a compliment to my-not-so-flattering-these-days-figure}

And this was the best find...

{my great-grandma rosie's mink stole}

And the best part about the best find...

{her name embroidered on the lining-i cried when i saw this. we were very close and she passed away when i was 11-she meant the world to me}

Driving home from Nashville after getting back at 8:30 made for a long ride home. But once we got there, we got our our wedding champagne flutes, our top tier from our wedding cake, and ice cold milk (just like we had at our wedding) and followed tradition.

{it still looked good}

{and it still sliced well, but it tasted not so great-we forced down one bite and called it quits}

{but not before a toast before bed}

Kyle, thank you for making our first anniversary so memorable and worthwhile! Thank you for knowing what is important to me and running with it. Not flying to the beach for a weekend, but for time spent together with no distractions. For loving my family as if they were your own (which they are now I suppose) and knowing how important they are to me. And for scheming behind my back to make it all possible! :)

I love you more than words can describe and pray for 100 more years together.

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  1. SO SWEET! Surprises are the best :) Happy anniversary to you guys! I loved the pics in the old clothes, too. So fun!