Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping the Backstreet Pride Alive

Backstreet's back! Along with the NKOTB!That would be the BackstreetBoys and New Kids on the Block for those of you born after 1995 or so...

Monday night, me, my co-workers, and some friends headed down to the Forum to fall in love all over again with the boys (now middle aged men almost) who stole our hearts when we were younger.

After dinner at Bosco's, Candice, Valerie and her two sisters Jaime and April, my friend Kate, and I broke it down all night to the NKOTB classics like "Hangin' Tough," "Step by Step," "Covergirl," "Right Stuff," and the chart-topping BSB favorites including, "Quit Playin' Games," "The Call," "As Long As You Love Me," "Get Down," and many others.

It amazes me after not having listened to much of their music in the past several years, how many songs are stored in our memories!

Here are a few pictures from the night...

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