Monday, June 13, 2011

Luckiest Aunt Ever

Yes, that's what I am! Two of my very best friends just happen to have two of the cutest babies in the whole world.

Last Tuesday and Friday night, I got to spend some much needed time with Kati and Abbigail. She is a trip! Never wants to miss anything that's going on. Tuesday night she was dying for some of mine and Kati's Dr. Brown's black cherry coke. We kept telling her no, she kept biting Kati, and then her Aunt Court gave in. Here are some sweet shots of that sweet face...

Friday night, we had dinner at the Weymouth's since it was Kati's last night in town. Abbigail did NOT want to go to sleep, so she ended up having dinner with the rest of us...

And then on Sunday, I got some more much needed time with my handsome little godson, Declan. Alicia and I took Declan to my mom's house for some fun in the sun!

He had no idea what was coming... It was his first time in the pool! He did well for about a minute or so, and then tears!

Happy again once he was dry and out of the sun. We then had some good snuggle nap time while Alicia caught some rays. Kyle took pictures of that, and due to a wide open mouth and a double chin on my part, they will not be posted!

These two little love bugs just make so happy when I am around them! Ready for my pregger friends to have there buns in the oven (you know who you are!)

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