Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quick Crossville Visit

This past weekend, Kyle and I headed to Crossville so Kyle could play in his high school alumni baseball game. Yes, that's right. We are getting that old. And he FINALLY got a haircut! He really does have ears and eyebrows. I was getting a little nervous that he no longer had them.

The better part of Saturday was spent at the high school ball park. Kyle never got to play here while he was in high school. They broke ground his senior year. He was #1 and the lead off batter. This picture reminds me of little league :)
But not at as much as this picture does! haha...Kyles' mom and his brother Jonathan
Kyle's great parents, Bruce and Ramona
When the game got boring (sorry Kyle), I was okay because I got to admire this little sweet pea. This is Ty, one of Kyle's best friend David's new son. He is almost four weeks old! His daddy is in the secret service, and by the looks of it, Ty is going to be a thinker with brains as well.
And along with sweet Ty to play with was his big brother Garrett. Garrett was mine and Kyle's ring bearer. Isn't he handsome?
The losers...
The winners...Kyle's team, duh!
Kyle and some of his buddies, Aaron and Ryan
#1 Fan!
After the game, we headed to the Homestead Apple Festival. The festival was held in order to raise money to keep the homestead tower up and running. You can read about the historical homesteads here.

They make great fried apple pies! YUM!
And Big Lick BBQ was on hand. Big Lick is not just the name of the group, but Big Lick is the name of a nearby community. Imagine telling people you are from Big Lick, Tennessee (no offense Johnny and Portia).
They had HUGE mums on hand as well.
And lots of tents with local crafts. I managed not to spend on a dime.
The time flew while we were there but no worries, we are headed back this weekend!

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