Monday, September 6, 2010

Potpourri and Prayers

I've noticed people respond much quicker to Facebook posts than they do blog posts. That's okay though. I got some good recommendations regardless.

You ever notice how people's homes have "their scent." Like if someone were to blindfold you, take you to your mother's home, and walked you inside, you would automatically know just by smell that you were in your mother's house.

When I lived in the Phi Mu house in college, I had a scent. It was Hawaiian Breeze Glade plug-ins. Always.

We are having trouble establishing a scent in mine and Kyle's new home. For one, we have a wood-burning fireplace which keeps a constant smell of fire circulating through the living room. For two, the previous owners had dogs. And for three, the other week our air was out for several days.

My Glade plug-ins are way expensive and they do NOT last near long enough to make them worth the money.I have been searching for good smelling potpourri. So I first went to a store that I knew excelled in making homes smell good. Yankee Candle. ONE bag of potpourri. It didn't smell very good. I tried Target, Walmart, BBandB, etc and no such luck. I put the word out for some guidance. Thank you Macy's. I found some cinnamon spice scented goodness by Aromatique (thank you Kendall for the suggestion).
Now my house smells like fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on all rolled into one!

And for the prayer part of the post...Kyle and I have two very big, important days ahead of us. Without going into detail we just need prayer for God's hands to be over us and that whatever happens, that we will rejoice in the situation whether it be what we had planned for us or not. I'll give details at a later date.

Thank you all. Happy Fall! (only a few more weeks)


  1. My room at the Phi Mu house had the beautiful aroma of dirty clothes most of the time... That scent seems to be pretty easy to re-create in any home I live in :)

  2. hahaha you crack me up jamie...yes, your room did have a dirty clothes smell! you didnt need a rug in your room, your dirty clothes did the trick :)