Friday, September 24, 2010


So remember how in this post, I told you that Kyle and I had a couple of important, big days in front of us. Well, just to let you in on the know. He was retaking his boards two weeks ago. We didn't have such great luck in the beginning. But he busted his butt studying all over again, and it paid off! We got the letter today showing he PASSED! And not only did he pass, but his score went up 8 points!!! That's huge for their test.

Last night and this morning, Kyle and I had the privilege of being taught at DownLine by one of the greatest Bible teachers there is, Tom Nelson. He has a great marriage series of sermons, by the way. Anywho. Tom said this morning that often times God delivers answers to our prayers that are beyond measure of what we originally pray for. So true in this case! We just prayed for a passing score, and with the diligence of Kyle and the grace of the Lord, he upped his score EIGHT POINTS!

In case anyone doesn't know this, we serve a very, very powerful God. Whether you are a believer or not, it's truth. Just because you pray and don't immediately receive the answer you are looking for, does NOT mean that God is saying no. Sometimes, He is saying "Not now, just wait." Not only do we serve a powerful God, but a very very patient one. And if God has put up with me for 25 years, being patient and waiting on me to acknowledge Him and surrender to Him, how can we not be patient with Him as he is working out the perfect plan for our lives. We are human. Simple as that. But I promise you, it's in the midst of waiting and wondering where you can really have some awesome moments with your loving Father.

So...thank you to all who remember us in your thoughts and prayers. Words are not enough to express gratitude and the love felt.

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