Monday, August 16, 2010

Quarter of a Century

Milestone #25. Yikes (no offense to everyone older than me).

It came and went and I feel no different. Not sure if I am supposed to or not though. Am I?

The celebration began Thursday night. Kyle and I were supposed to just go to Travis and Kayla's house for dinner, but when we got there the dental crew was waiting there for us! Being the birthday girl and all, I got to choose where we went to dinner!!! Sushi. Duh.
After dinner, we went back to the Sisco's for cupcakes and birthday hats...
Making a wish...Travis is too! haha
The husbands.
Me with the husbands.
The better halves. And such sweet friends!
Friday night Kyle and I relaxed at home. Saturday morning, I woke up to this feast. No lie, best pancakes of my life!
He also treated me to these gorgeous candlesticks. I saw them in Pier 1 a few months ago, and my smart husband stored it in his little memory bank.

After breakfast, I got dressed and met the dental wives for pedicures at the NailBar on the Island. They treated me to a delicious pedicure. Hadn't had one since the wedding, and let's just say it was time. They are too sweet!
Kyle told me after pedicures I HAD to come back home. I mean really...Whose birthday is it??? So being a submissive wife (hehe), I came home. Around 1:00ish, Kate, Claire, and Rachael showed up at the door to take me to lunch. We ate at Cafe Eclectic. YUM!!! Different types of simple dishes, but oh so good.
Saturday night, Kyle and I attended a cookout for DownLine. We start next week and are ready to learn and share!

Sunday was spent at church, lunch at the Selecman's (we love them dearly), and then a crab leg feast at my parents' house that night. Traditional birthday dinner. No pictures to show for it :( Now that I am a working girl, I have been sending my mom my wishlists from my favorite stores, just in case she ever wants to spoil me ;) And it paid off. She bought me three tops off of one of my wishlists. Subtle hints don't exist in our family.

And today at work, I got some wonderful cupcakes and a sweet sweet card from my co-workers. They are fantastic folks and I love them dearly. They make going to work everyday something to look forward to! Oh, and they also gave me a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They know me too well!

Here's what I racked up with:
-two gorgeous candlesticks

-a wonderful smelling candle from Avery Kate (and Alecia)

-a sweet, sweet card and spa gift card from my friend Springer (she's too much sometimes)

-a Southern Living subscription from my incredible mother-in-law

-pretty flowers from the wives club

-shirts for work from my momma

-lots of loving cards from family

-moolah from the father and g-parents (can never go wrong with this gift)


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  1. So fun! I loved getting our nails done! Looks like the rest of the day was great, too. Love ya girl!