Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pure Exhaustion

Early morning. Hot, hot day. Wiped out.

Today was the big bad boards. Didn't sleep too well last night. And it wasn't because I was too excited to sleep :)

That consumed the first several hours of my day. And then I spent several hours after that at the drivers license center. I am not sure which was worse.

The boards were tough. Very tiring. My eyes are tired. My mind is tired. I have no feeling towards either passing or failing. Literally numb. Tomorrow morning will tell all. I did, however, get a nice little laugh before I took my test this morning. This courteous sign was posted in the bathroom at the testing center at University of Memphis. I apologize to those of you who don't appreciate bathroom humor. It was a welcomed surprise and provided me with a good laugh to break up the nervousness.
The DMV. Nightmare. The line was out the door. No lie. After 30 minutes of waiting outside in the hot sun and 104 degree weather, I was lucky enough to wait in line inside for another hour. And that was just to get a clipboard to fill out my information. I then waited ANOTHER hour and half to speak with a representative. After three hours, I am officially Courtney McShan. Took care of the SSN card yesterday. It's officially official! (Looking rough after sweating for several hours)Spent some time with Claire this afternoon which was a wonderful distraction from worrying about boards. We attempted to eat a late sushi lunch, but for whatever reason EVERY single sushi restaurant was closed. I didn't realize the Japanese took siestas as well. I was devastated.

Came home to a sweet hubby who had an even sweeter beeper attached to his pocket! Haha. He is on call for his residency program. I haven't seen a beeper in a while. I got a pretty good laugh out of it.No telling how old this thing is or whose mouth its been in...And then I walked into the bedroom to find this. A REALLY loving card from a really loving husband. It was very encouraging and uplifting after what was a very "beating down" of a morning,
Sweet, sweet words that make my heart melt. (Please notice he signed his last name. Like I'm going to forget who my husband is. And like we don't share that name now. Silly.)
For those who prayed for me this morning, thank you. And if anyone still wants to, by all means. Nothing is final until I check to see the results in the morning. I would appreciate greatly.

Til tomorrow...

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  1. prayers are still coming your way from the Sisco house. we know you rocked it this morning. glad you are officially Mrs.McShan. another 3 hour lunch date soon? =)